Empire: (S03E11) “Play On”

“Broken glass, errry where!” The blood and glass in the aftermath of  Cookie & the bat is being cleaned up by the Empire staff, as Cookie, in her penthouse, showers & scrubs her body like she’s been violated. Her blood streams down the drain.  

Meanwhile, back at the Empire: Lucious “waxes on & waxes off” the camera footage of the night’s destruction; blaming vandals.  He apparently doesn’t want anyone to know about the “bat out of hell” either. Well, not yet anyway; until it serves him.

Tory & Jamal make music! ♩♩…& it’s good! The infamous “Devil’s Chord”  a guitar riff with a flattened 5th, is worked like a conversation with Jamal’s piano, thanks to Cookie’s sound ear. It’s wicked and dirty!  Tory is amazing on the “git-box”  It makes me wonder, does RW really play that thang? 

Cookie reminds Jamal to erase the hard drive, daily.  She doesn’t want Lucious to peep their project. So of course he didn’t and you know what happens next…

Yes. Lucious slithering like a snake, enters the recording studio and pushes play;  finding Jamal & Tory’s tracks on the unerased hard drives. He goes to the piano & appears to rearrange the chords to meet his specifications. Inspired or stealing?  He records a rocking new joint with Nessa and “V” (Veronika Bozeman) and it’s good!  ♩♩  He also charms Tory into using the “Devil’s Chord” for the track. Jamal is pissed & he burns his and Tory’s sheets of music.  He no longer trust her! Well his mama told him!   I hope they work it out.  They sound so good together.♩♩♩♩ 

In other news, Anika runs her charms on Becky with such finesse, (after scooping the A/R job from her) Becky’s blinded by the light…and that kick ass white suit on the Boo Boo Kitty! She hugs her. ‘Kitty puts Becky in charge of the Takeem production and leaves. No doubt she’ll end up hitting all the licks with the artists and Anika will get the full credit. Yet…

 …just as she gets out of the front door, Tariq personally serves Anika! (subpoena) Although Lucious may be subject to spousal privilege, Cookie is not!  She’s to meet him somewhere later that day. No doubt he’s feeling recharged, after Mama Leah, disgusted with “Boo Boo Kitty” even more than Cookie, approaches Tariq and they have a sit down, chit chat and tea.  Mama wants her gone!  

Anika calls Hakeem and leaves their baby with him. When he asks her when she’ll return, she says “I’ll call you” She puts on her shades & catches what looks like a Greyhound bus. She’s crying.

Of course, the heat comes down on Cookie; violation of parole by consorting with felons. Really?  Not saying all rap and hip hop artists are felons, yet…Anyway, Angelo believes it’s Lucious, Lucious thinks it’s Tariq. Never the less Angelo tells Lucifer to step back and stay in his lane “with his corny ass hairdo!” He’s to fall back, or he’ll make his life a living hell, pretty much, and Cookie smiles.

The final and WTF moment in this near all over the place episode, comes to an end when: Andre, accompanied by Shine, meets with a Rafael Green (Al Vicente)  a dangerous man and a Hi roller/criminal from Las Vegas. Rafael wants to bring entertainment to the Strip. Andre wants in before he kills his daddy.  Rafael, ain’t feeling Andre. The problem being he’s Lucious Lyon kid! He calls out his wife, Giuliana &  slaps her; paranoia on full, claiming she set him up. (Cocaine is a hellava drug! ) He then pulls his gun for Andre, yet Giuliana shoots him in the back. A fellow minion, draws on Giuliana & Shine shoots him several times!  I don’t know what happened here, I feel like I missed sum’n.

Never the less,  Andre and Shine shake hands with Giuliana, while standing over the dead bodies of her husband and his associate; agreeing to move forward with the ‘Vegas project!  

I sense Guiliana is a dangerous woman; a very dangerous woman! And Andre may have to get his suit dirty, before it’s all over! 

Empire airs, Wednesday nights @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific time