The Goldbergs (S04E19) “A Night To Remember”

Review: Barry is preparing for the prom, and wants to make it extra special because Lainey is graduating, but when he asks Lainey, in his own Barry way by pulling the fire alarm, she rejects him. She says she doesn’t want to go to prom because she doesn’t want to have fun while Erica won’t. In response to this Barry convinces Geoff to ask Erica to prom even though their timing has always been wrong. The timing is off again because Geoff asks Erica just after she said yes to Ruben Amaro Jr., even though she’s not very excited about it. After Geoff asks her, she blows of Ruben only to find out that Geoff found someone else to go to prom with in Carla. They go back and forth like that a few times, and then decide to go to the prom on a double date, so they don’t have to dump their dates and can still be together.

Barry and Erica aren’t the only ones making plans for prom. Adam meets an older ‘lady-nerd’ and instantly likes her. To get closer to her, he lies about the one thing they don’t have in common: love for Lord Of The Rings. He uses Cliff Notes to pretend like he read the books, instead of really reading them and Jacky (played by Girl Meets World’s Rowan Blanchard) falls for it and asks Adam to prom. When Beverly finds out that Adam likes an older girl and will go to prom with her, she does everything to stop it. She reveals to Jackie that Adam used Cliff Notes to talk about Lord Of The Rings, so Jackie leaves angrily. Beverly knows she messed up and tries to make it right. She goes over to Jackie’s house and explains to her and her mom that she and Adam are perfect for each other. By the time Adam arrives at the house as well, Beverly has changed Jackie’s mind and she tells him that she wants to take him to prom.

Meanwhile, now that Erica has a date, Barry asks Lainey to prom again, but she just really doesn’t want to go because she doesn’t want to pretend like everything is going to be fine between them even though it’s clear that after prom there will be no time left for them as a couple. Barry eventually does take Lainey out, but instead of going to the biggest night of the year, he makes it a typical, forgettable night: a night to not remember.

Erica and Geoff go on their double date to the prom, but aren’t having a great time, until Erica just goes for it and kisses Geoff. It seems like this was finally the right time and it turns out to be a night to remember for them after all.

This was a great and very funny episode exploring the love lives of the three Goldberg kids. I really loved Adam’s storyline. Jackie and Adam look adorable together, and they really are perfect for each other. The funniest scene from this episode was by far the window scene between Beverly and Adam. I just couldn’t stop laughing while I was watching that. It was also very nice to see that the real Jackie got a role in this episode, playing her own onscreen mom.

Barry and Lainey’s storyline was a bit of a continuation of Baré, where Barry and Lainey acknowledged that there isn’t really a future for their relationship. Even though I really don’t want them to break up (and neither do they), I do still think it’s good that the show is addressing it and shows how much it hurts them both.

Then last but not least, we finally got to see more of Geoff and Erica. I thought this storyline had a great setup, it was hilarious to see them figure out a way to go to prom together and the ending was very satisfying.

Rating: 9.5/10