The Great Indoors (S01E17) “Cubicles”


Jack (Joel McHale) is fed up with the open concept arrangement that is in the outdoor limit’s office. Between the ping pong brainstorm with Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Mason (Shaun Brown), and Esther (Deborah Maker Jr) making “water”, it’s complete chaos. There is no way for him to attend to important matters, such as a phone call from a fellow adventurer who has been living in the isolated wild for years. When he goes to Brooke (Susannah Fielding) about this problem, she assures him all will be well.

Rachel (Maggie Lawson) and Jack seem to be doing so well, so you know that something is going to happen to divide the two. Which comes in the form of a job offer from the Toronto Raptors. Which I assure you is a real team, despite what Jack says. As always, Eddie (Chris Williams) is there for Jack. The decision isn’t final, but this would change everything. Just when Jack was starting to get his life in order, this one thing could make it crumble apart.

Back at the office, Brooke has found a solution for Jack’s “space” problems. Cubicles have been erected in the middle of the office. The cubicles don’t solve Jack’s issues, between Clark yelling his name for 10 minutes straight and making a “glory hole” to see Jack’s face, to Mason and Emma chatting, there is no quiet. Desperate he approaches Brooke, who has a nice cozy office to herself. When he asks to switch spots, Brooke actually agrees.

With Jack in the quiet of his own office, he can finally work in peace. It all goes well until Rachel pays him an unexpected visit, and it’s not a booty call, she decided to take the new job. It was good while it lasted, but they weren’t at that point in their relationship where they could make any life defining decisions when it came to each other. As the realization settles in, Jack finds himself wanting the company of his friends.

Brooke has become a dominating mean girl, while Emma has been trying to find out who the “strong female” role model is who had the cubicle before her. Then there’s Mason and Clark, who need to be together to come up with brilliant ideas, although the enclosed space causes too much friction, it seems they are all at odds now. The cubicles haven’t been good for any of them, aside from Brooke who is having the time of her life.

Mason, Clark and Emma have had enough, they need their open work space back, so they seek out Jack for help. Jack is in rough shape, and even though he does his best to hide it, they know better. He was seeking them out to find comfort for his break up, now that they knew, it was another great bonding moment for them. It was now his turn to help them, he brought those cubicles down. Balance was restored once more, aside from Jack’s broken heart.

Oh, and Emma did finally figure out who her strong female role model was, it was Jack all along. His real name is Ashley. It’s true that nothing is sacred, but I don’t think Jack would have it any other way.

Life is changing once again, perhaps this time Jack will be able to keep it together.

Rating: 6.5/10

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