Chicago Justice (S01E07): “Double Helix”

pisoLast night’s episode of Chicago Justice tackled a murder of a pregnant women. Her yoga friend murdered her in an attempt to steal her baby, but when the c-section goes array, she takes home the dead baby.

The trial in this episode was more interesting than in previous episodes. It was unclear how the jury would vote at times because each lawyer was presenting thoughtful and intriguing evidence. Ultimately, Don was convicted of two murders.

I think the part with Stone’s first ever case was interesting, but slightly confusing in the way that it was presented. I’m also a little disappointed they’re sending the case to a different state because Stone and Chicago Justice won’t be involved at all. I thought it would be a good chance to have an ongoing storyline.

Slowly, we are beginning to see the Chicago Justice writers dig into who these characters are. We’re learning about past relationships, addictions, and families. I like this, but I find the way all the conversations come up to be confusing and often have me questioning – did I miss something?

Overall this episode was good and had a little Chicago PD vibe to it.

Rating: B