Once Upon A Time: (S06E14) “Page 23”


 I don’t even know how I am going to start with this. The episode closed one storyline from this season, which was the Evil Queen.  She was the most hated and loved villain in this show. And as much as I wanted to see more of her, her story ended when Regina finally accepted that she is a part of her. The episode taught us that it is important to love every part of our selves, whether it is good or bad. Self-love. When you finally accepted who you are, you will finally be happy. It was not only focused with the Evil Queen but also with Hook. His past was haunting him but after the talk Snow gave to him, he accepted who he is and ready to leave everything behind and never to lie to Emma again. But when he decided to come back, Gideon messed up his plan.

 I wanted to commend Lana Parrilla’s portrayal of the Evil Queen and Regina throughout the series. Her representation of both characters as one and separately was incredible. She depicted each character’s growth clearly especially this season where she gets to play both at the same time. She can get you to connect with her character without even trying. I honestly believe that she should have an award for her magnificent performance.

 Quote of the episode:

 “Love can save even the darkest souls. You just have to believe in it. “

 Everyone deserves to be redeemed, for unlimited chances and a happy ending.