Bull: (S01E18) “Dressed to Kill”

Bull & Chunk are backstage, during the rush of a Hi End fashion show @ The Armory.

Nella Wester, (Paulina Porizkova) is in charge. She’s Chunk’s mentor and former boss and his only boss, as far as she’s concerned. She’s fast, brutally honest  and no nonsense. It’s her show and everybody knows it. She is everything and proves it when she takes the stage in one of her creations. It’s fabulous and a killer, literally. Collapsing on stage; She was dead as soon as she put on the dress. It was laced with arsenic. She was poisoned. Who done it and the effect it has on the relationship of Chunk and Bull, since he takes the defense; is what this story’s about.

After a very brief questionnaire of the usual suspects and who would want Nella dead, William Mercado (Fedenico Rodriquez) her assistant is charged. He adds to motive when there is video footage of him taking a stiletto prototype from her offices.  He claims it was his design, yet has no proof. He even let his girlfriend wear them out in public! 

Chunk is adamant, Will did it & he won’t be a part of  the case; dressing him to make him look good for the jury. He killed his friend!  I believe he’s just dumb. Who let’s his girlfriend wear “stolen goods”, while he’s being charged with the murder of the person who had possession of the item?!  Really?! The attempt to show him as naive and simple works! 

The hi lite of the show, for me is when the obvious murderer was tackled by an All American Football Star, Chunk!  That was worth the hour!  It gives a little more of Chunk’s history and his gifts on the field.  He’s still got it; case closed!

The first season is near completion and I find there is something still missing in the show. The character’s are all ok. Yet “ok” isn’t as good as “I care about you” or “you like me, you really-really like me!”  It’s almost…yet not quite. I tune in weekly to see and sense a greater, “whaz;up”?!

The addition of Eliza Dushku nears; I’m hopeful. Maybe she’ll add the heat, the spark the flame that is needed to make it a “run to the telly at break neck speed” “must see t,v”  I’m willing to wait.

 Bull airs, Tuesdays, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time