Chicago Fire (S05E18): “Take A Knee”

“Take A Knee” presented a handful of interesting storylines, but a few fell short. “Take A Knee” packed so much into an hour, it was wonderful to watch but also felt much longer than an hour.

Herrmann and his son’s decision to not stand for the pledge of allegiance at school posed a difficult teaching moment for Herrmann. This was the storyline that could have triumphed more but failed to dig deep into other reasons why a student may neglect to stand. Coming from a high school that decided to do the pledge of allegiance every morning starting my senior year, the pledge of allegiance became a weird topic of conversation. Many students willingly went along but didn’t understand the purpose. Others sat because they didn’t care or were too lazy. But some, some have a reason to not pledge. There are reasons people break the norm and I wish the show would have suggested other reasons for Herrmann’s son to take a stand (or seat, rather) because that would have been more impactful. I don’t mean to undermine the heartwarming veteran pancake breakfast moment because that was important and special, but I jsut wish there was a deeper meaning to not saying the pledge than just not apprecaiting soliders who fight for our freedom. What were your thoughts on this matter?

Matt Casey is up to his usually (somewhat nosey) buisness in “Take A Knee.” This episode sends his storyline in a few different directions, putting he and men in a risky situation. Ultimately, his story has a happy ending. This storyline was intriguing and felt fresh, though I’m curious to know how normal it is for firemen to pick up cases like this?

Perhaps my favorite moment of the episode was the annoucement that Dawson and Brett have to attend training again. Of course their kind and protective actions would go punished, and I’m surprised they didn’t see that coming. I do hope we get to see them in thier training program because that’s sure to add some humor to Chicago Fire.

And finally, that ending…What are your thoughts on Anna’s abrupt ending? I hope she really doesn’t just dissapear because I think the storyline deserves more, but I also think this means Severide and Kidd have a chance at romance. Who do you want Severide to end up with? And is Severide really like his father? Let me know in the comments!

Overall Rating: A