Supernatural (S12E17) “The British Invasion”


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Hello all, an a Happy Thursday to all! New Episode, New Review, and hopefully Cas shows up 🙂 On to the review~


What is this episode about?

Were back on the agenda to hunting down Kelly Klaine. Who is still under the watch of a General of Hell who has no plans of letting her go. Or handed over to the Winchester. Also, the Brits are getting impatient….


Who’s in this episode?

Dean (Squirrel)

Sam (Moose)

Eileen (Irish Banshee that I ship with Sam)

Crowley (Little Devil)

Lucifer (Lucy)

Dagon (Impatient Momsitter)

Kelly Klaine (Container for Lucy’s Baby)

Mary (Mamma Winchester)

Mick (Hunter Wannabe)

Ketch (The Shooter)

The Madame (Literally the 2nd Cousin of that Pink Suit Pain in the Butt from Harry know who I speak of!)

Uh… that Draco Wanna be..forgot his name cause no one cared (Lapdog)


What did I like about this episode?

All the adorable moments Eileen & Sam had (I’m not the only one that thinks they should date).

Lucifer literally skimming in front of Crowley’s face; he’s working on fixing his vessel so he can turn Crowley to dust. Also, he secretly stays in touch with Devon..mentally.

Dagon is the nest (not) mamma babysitter ever.

Eileen doesn’t care about the fancy Hogwarts school the Brits went to (that seven was so funny).

Got to see a but of Mick’s past although it was pretty messed up.

Dean not being able to hold his liquor, that scene was priceless.

Listening to Cas’s voicemail, it’s so comforting (lol).

Dean getting his 2nd baby back, the Colt.


What didn’t I like in this episode?

Pink Suit Cousin from Ex-Brit Hogwarts! Seriously had flashbacks to the Harry Potter movies & I automatically hate her.

Mick’s drunk anger..he needs to sit down somewhere.

Mamma Winchester sleeping with Ketch…LIKE WHAT! I wasn’t expecting that, AT ALL. LIKE EWWWWWW.

Mick almost shooting Eileen. I was about to jump through the TV myself & get on Mick! We love Eileen!

Pink Suit Cousin showing up to clean up American Hunters. Since there experiment was suchhhhh a failure, an she killed Mick since he spoke his mind.


What scene did I like the best?

Dragon popping up & giving no crap about others. Pushing them away like feathers, I swear. An just leaving with Kelly like it was nothing. Didn’t even last 2mins, only seconds.


What’s in store for next week?

From what I can see were dealing with a “Goat Man” as Dean says. But from what I can tell it looks like a Minotaur! I think…. so we maybe dealing with Greek Mythology. I hope so!