Tory Kittles: Talented Southern Gentleman

I had the honor of being able to interview actor Tory Kittles, who plays Broussard on USA’s hit show “Colony.” The fans spoke and the network listened, as “Colony” close out it’s second season tonight, we have a third season to look forward to. Which means more Broussard. But, Tory is so much more talented. Some of his works include “True Detective” (2014), “Fear Clinic,” (2009), and the hit movie “Get Rich or Die Tryin” (2005). Read on to discover more of the man’s talents.

     Before we get into the meat of the interview, let me congratulate you on “Colony” being renewed for a 3rd season. This renewal goes to show you the power of the voices of the fans, and the love for its stars and the show. Specially Broussard. 

TK:   First let me say, the renewal is an absolute result of the power of the voices of the fans and the way they’ve engaged with the show for the first two seasons, they deserve all the credit

    You come from a small town, Lawtey, Fl., which is not that far from me. Being such a very small town, did your love for movies call to you? Some people want to “escape” from their small towns…was that your case? Or did you just love movies so much you had to be a part of them? 

TK:   I’ve always loved movies, but being from a small town, I never really considered working in the movie business as an option, I just loved watching movies and shows. Even when I did begin to consider it as something I wanted to purse professionally, it seemed like a faraway unattainable dream. It wasn’t until I gave into the philosophy that dreams are just possibities that haven’t happened yet, that the path to working in the industry began to materialize. And it wasn’t so much as me wanted to get away from my small town, as it was the voice that was inside saying, “there’s so much more to explore, so much more to discover.”

Tell me a bit about your first role, which you got from answering an ad in the newspaper. What was it like being an extra on “Kenan and Kel”? 

TK:  Being an extra that first time was like taking a sneak peek into this world that I’d been fascinated with. It was a great learning experience, because I knew nothing about it, I couldn’t compare it to anything, so I just soaked it all in. 

You went from pure comedy to studying acting with Russ Blackwell of Circle in the Square…how did you manage the transition? 

TK:  Pure comedy. Yeah. I guess you could say that about some of my performances. You know, I don’t necessarily know how to describe transitioning from one thing to the next; I just try to stay open to the experience that’s right in front of me. There’s so much in a moment.

You got your big break when you were introduced to the late casting director Mali Finn, who invited you to read for the wonderful director Joel Schumacher. As a result, you were cast in the movie “Tigerland”. How was it to work with the likes of Colin Farrell? 
   TK:  What was great about “Tigerland”, was that there were so many talented people in that cast, and we were all were sort of growing up together, all the guys even came to my grandma’s house for dinner because we filmed close to where I grew up. That movie, those relationships that were established, they still exist today. I ran into Col the other day and the first thing he said was, “how’s your grandmother?” And that’s just him, that’s all of those guys, they’re the best.

How did you prepare yourself for this movie, which deals with the very controversial Vietnam war? 

TK:   Joel Schumacher suggested we all keep journals to start, creating backstory for our characters. The preparation began there and then continued to evolve as we entered actor boot camp for a few weeks with real soldiers who were gracious enough to share some of their own personal stories. That raised the stakes for us all, they made the movie better. 

Most people might not know, but you’re also a song writer, writing the theme song “Looking for Charlie” for “Tigerland”. Have you written other songs? And if so, are they available to the public? 

TK:   Yeah I did. And can you believe that someone actually did a great cover of that song on YouTube. That was flattering, that was cool! But most of the stuff I write stays personal. Some of it may be shared eventually, I don’t know, we’ll see.

Being multi-talented, do you sing? Maybe recording and releasing one of your original works?

TK:   I can carry a tune. But I’m not working on an album.

Most people might not realize you also spent some time on Kurt Sutter’s hit “Sons of Anarchy”, playing Laroy Wayne, from 2008-2011. Everyone has heard stories about the fun on the set…what is your favorite moment from filming SOA? Did you get the butt-end of any practical jokes?

TK:  Sons. Yeah, I was sort of in and out over a few seasons, but what I remember most about that set is the boys. It was always trip. Always fun. Great guys to work with. We’d all sit around admiring the bikes in-between takes like a bunch of kids in candy store

Now, to the role that brought you to the forefront….Broussard on “Colony”. How do you prepare for an alien-related series, cast in the role of a resistor? 

TK:  On Colony. I just wait for the scripts. All credit goes to the scribes. They’ve created this world and given us so much to play with; I just try to honor that. 

How did you get the role of rebel extraordinaire Broussard?

TK:  The incredible April Webster (Colony’s casting director) thought I was right for the role and brought me in to meet with Carlton, Ryan and Juan. She’s the reason; she put me in the position to get it. 

Did you ever think Broussard would be so popular?

TK:   No idea. It began with two scenes in the pilot episode and just exploded from there. What I knew when I signed on was that I loved the writing. The story. It was so expansive, it had action, it had the wall, it had drones, and yet it was still intimate in its theme of a family struggling to survive in this new world occupation.

What do you admire most in Broussard?

TK:  He has a medieval sense of loyalty.

What do you want the fans to understand and take away from Broussard?

 TK:  I think the fans are smart enough to not be told what to take away. I think whatever that is for them, is for them, and I don’t think it’s up to me to decide that. My hope is that they keep watching, because if they do, we’ll keep delivering.

Does Broussard have anything he wants to say to the fans? Or to the Proxy?

TK:   Yeah. Don’t miss the finale, because Proxy Snyder is going to……….. See what I did there.

The second season finale is this week….can you give the fans any hints about the fate of Broussard? Any hints about the finale at all? 

TK:  Hints about the finale. Hmmmmm. Well… I cannot.

With the show being renewed for a third season, has Ryan Condal or Carlton Cuse dropped any hints that you can tease us with for the coming season? Will we be seeing more of Broussard?

TK:   I think you’ll have some insights about season 3 after tomorrow night’s finale.

Most things Carlton Cuse touches turns gold, and “Colony” is no exception. Is he as fun to work with as he seems?

TK:  Cuse is a maestro! You’re right, he has the Midas touch, and seamlessly so, it’s great to be in his sphere. 

Being a man of many talents, what is your favorite medium to work in: stage, films, or TV?

TK:  Oh, its way too hard to play favorites, they all give me so much.

When do you start filming for season three? What are your plans for your down time?

TK:  No time off for me. I’m headed back to the theater. Shakespeare. Coming soon. 

It was a real thrill to be able to talk to such a talented and gentle man. Make sure you catch the “Colony” season finale….