Chicago Med (S02E19): “Ctrl Alt”

“Ctrl Alt” brought a difficult day of work for the Chicago Med staff as they tried to help patients the old fashion way – with limited to no technology.

About halfway through the epsiode, someone misteriously pays the hackers and the systems begin working again. At the end, we learn it was Dr. Latham. I get that this was the most unexpected person to do this, but that was partially because he was hardly in the episode. I thought it would have been someone more like Dr. Charles, who was obsessed with getting his tablet back (which seemed a little out of character).

I have a feeling Dr. Charles is going to be a much more prominent character in upcoming episodes as his daughter may be in health trouble. I don’t exactly know what her problem is, but thinking she is hearing rats in the walls defintely screams trouble in her future.

Halstead and Manning share a bittersweet moment at the end of work that makes me want them to get back together already, because they are both clearly still torn up about it.

Overall Rating: A-