Chicago PD (S04E19): “Last Minute Resistance”

“Last Minute Resistance” was a powerful and sad episode of Chicago PD that tackled issues of a rapist culture.

I thought this plotline was handled very well. It’s such a relevant topic and seeing the conferences about how men can earn power over women for sex was uncomfortable and horrifying, but those things do happen in real life. Chicago PD always does a wonderful job with presenting real issues and starting discussions that other shows won’t bring up.

I found Sophia Bush’s performance (as Erin Lindsay) honest and raw, especially during the interrogation. Burgess’ actions felt similarly realistic, though I was very worried for her when she had the shot. Those actions usually get characters in tricky situations on Chicago PD. But, just as Voight said, Intelligence requires police officers who know when to break the rules, and Burgess has continually proved her spot on the team.

It’s incredibly sad that Burgess will be taking time away from CPD for awhile, but I totally understand her character’s reasoning. However, hardcore fans of the show know a significant reason for this change is actress Marina Squerciati’s pregnancy. Marina tweeted last night, “That’s an out on Burgess, got to take care of my sister. And an out on Marina. Got to take maternity leave. Thank you for being amazing fans.” Of course, I’m excited for her and her growing family, but I wonder how this sudden change will affect the Intelligence Team. It feels like things just got back to normal.

Overall Rating: A