Imposters (S01E09) “Ladies And Gentlemen, The Doctor Is In”


Choices, we all have to make them. Whether they are good or bad depends on the outcome. There is no escaping a choice, nor ignoring it. As Ezra eloquently put it: “who you are is just a collection of choices. Decisions that somehow all add up to the person you become”.

In all honestly, Maddie’s first choice was becoming a con artist. We don’t know it this was a conscious choice or more of a force one (you know: I need to eat but don’t have money choice). But that choice led her into the lives of Richard, Jules, and Ezra. Did they choose to love her? That’s a difficult question with an even longer answer. Either way, the three of them did choose to find her, and with that comes consequences.

This penultimate episode, a day before the wedding, might as been a reflection on the choice to con the FBI. Although everything is going according to plan, the lives of everyone has changed and probably will change all thanks to a choice. They just haven’t learned the consequence yet.

The real question is, do con artist have a choice or is it just innate to them to fool their way out?

Let’s hope the wedding is explosive and full of twists as this season has been. Do you hear the church bell rings?

Quotes from the episode:

“Lie faster”.
“I need your head in the game”.
“Some of us have sex because we like it not ’cause it’s our job”.
“You were in love with who you were when you were with me”.
“This work can mess with your head and heart. Be careful”
“The con is in the details”.
“I can still be the man that I want to be without Alice”.