NCIS-NOLA: (S03E20) “NOLA Confidential”

Richard Marino (Jeremy Ratchford) is the “old man in da’club” He goes out back with a young man, Nathan Kelly (TC Matherne) in what looks like a drug deal; not a bag deal, a bundle!  

Already jumpy, Nathan is startled by a noise & starts shooting.  Marino is shot point blank in the confusion. Kelly attempts to run & is shot 3 times by approaching officer Spencer (Wole Parks) He calls it in,”Officer down” BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM!

Across town, JAG- ADA Rita, (Chelsea Field) is cooking dinner for Pride. She’s also doing her own investigation into Clearwater & Mayor Hamilton, in our sub plot. It could be dangerous, yet Pride is NCIS. He has no jurisdiction in the city. So she’ll work Clearwater.

She’s also up for a job in D.C.  Before accepting, she & Pride need to figure “it” out; that “it” that’s kept them apart for so long, apparently. Saved by the bell, he’s called to the back alley of the club, shooting.

At the site, the drug Fentanyl, 100 times stronger than heroin was the nature of the drug deal  Kelly was a NCIS contractor by day and a drug dealer by night. Marino is a fat, out of shape, 25 year vet, living a life of “Popeye Doyle” complete with a gun strapped to his leg. He’s  drinking hard liquor “errry day”; before, during & after shift. He’s definitely an acquired taste & he’s undercover, for NOPD-Vice.

Marino is also Lasalle’s old partner, mentor & friend, from his Vice days. He’s in conflict already!  The 50 kilos of Fen is found to be of the same chemical compound as the Marino bust. The drugs are no longer in the evidence room; they were sent for incineration days ago!

So how did Kelly get the drugs? Marino signed the drugs over to the incineration operator, Brian Cooper. After Brian is found in one of his incineration oven’s…dead; Marino is arrested for his murder. His DNA is found on the gloves near the body.

Marino claims he’s being set up! It’s too convenient.  I agreed.  We were less than ½ hour into the episode! Plus the strategics of the plan seem too…strategic for such a simple man as Marino.

Meanwhile, Gregorio & Sebastian attempt to research a vessel for the Fen; next stop Panama.  And right here I yelled, “where’s Percy…again?!” Not even a word of her whereabouts. What’s the dealio?  

Anyway…extremely relaxed on Chinese special herbs, given by Gregorio; Sebastian becomes loquacious, feeling weird & itchy as well as…confident!  He overcame his fear of ” motion on the ocean” seasickness & apparently fighting! Hactually kicked ass, when Gregorio was overtaken by a very large man, while searching the ship for the Fen. Those moves! McGee (NCIS) would be proud.

It was the Placebo Effect.  The herbs were actually over the counter allergy meds. Yet he believed in it’s powers, so it worked! After all, “it is done unto you”…

So pleased & “feeling himself” Sebastian suggested to Patton he tweet: #sebastianisawesome I agree ♡♡♡

Of course all roads lead back to Mayor Hamilton; during this story arc. And his dirty little hands and secrets are in this Fen tale as well.  We find Spencer was appointed by Hamilton and was indeed setting up Marino, as well as other dastardly deeds!  He was killed before he could give any information to support these alleged crimes. Pride vs. Hamilton continues.

Finally, after 5 episodes, Rita accepts a job in D.C. She and Pride are on pause. This is a good thing.  Both are Alpha and this break can let them both be with why they went their separate ways, “back in the day” Now maybe, Percy can come home! 

Never the less, regardless of my Percy pettiness,  it was a good episode. The way Hamilton is woven into every misdeed, “errry week” has my interest. I’ll stay tuned. ☆☆☆☆

NCIS New Orleans, airs Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m Pacific Time