13 Questions with Imposters’ Marianne Rendón

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Marianne Rendon (IMDB)

Marianne Rendón stars as Jules in Bravo’s third scripted series “Imposters.” Jules is a passionate artist left disappointed in the world around her after her wife Cece leaves her. Alone, detached from friends and family and looking to mend her broken heart, she uses therapy as a way to cope with life after what she thought was the perfect marriage. What Jules might not realize is that her search for her ex-wife might actually be a search for something else.

Making her television debut in Bravo’s dark comedy, Marianne is a 2016 graduate of the Juilliard School of Drama. During her final year, she shot the independent film “Gemini” and understudied the lead role of Elly in David Bowie’s musical “Lazarus” at the acclaimed New York Theater Workshop.

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1. Imposters was thought to be a common con-artist partner story but it has evolved into so much more. What should we be expecting to see in the next few episodes?
You should expect to be on the edge of your seat! The bumblers get bolder, closer, and in some serious trouble. We see some things out of Jules no one would ever expect. 007 style. 

2. Being a road trip for this long and having so many codes, do you think we might end up seeing your character falling for one of the two guys?
I don’t think so. Jules is a lesbian. It’s an honor to play an LGBTQ character and I think those voices can be more present on television in general. I think our creators are aware of that and will continue to honor and respect how Jules is portrayed.

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The Bumblers (Rob Heaps, Parker Young, and Marianne Rendon)

3. Last time, the three aka Bumblers confronted Maddie and were threatened by Max. However the shock came in when we saw that Maddie is falling for an FBI agent. How will that play out?
We begin to see the bumblers and the con artists blend. It starts to become unclear who is a con and who is a civilian. The bumblers catch on quickly to the life of a con, but they’re protecting themselves from the FBI and the Doctor’s team as well. Every where they turn is risk, and it’s too late to retreat.

4. If you had a chance to make another code, what would it say and what would it be called?
Ummm probably that Jules is in charge??? How many times have these boys been foolish?!

5. How did you get to here? As in into acting and finally landing your role in Imposters?
I grew up aspiring to be a classical pianist. Didn’t get involved in theater very seriously until college, and realized I was interested in training. During my time in grad school I was lucky to work on David Bowie’s last project, “Lazarus” at New York Theater Workshop. And I began auditioning after working with a manager. I taped for a bunch of projects before I tested for few, and once I came across Imposters, and Jules, I was in love. I worked on Aaron Katz’s film “Gemini”, but this is my first role on television. 

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Marianne Rendon plays Jules Langmore on Imposters.

6. You also love music. Who are your favourites and what do you play? How has your career being taking off in that aspect? 
Music is an essential part of me. I still play piano from time to time if I’m feeling melancholy or I need to focus, but I’m now usually playing guitar — I named my new Gibson Emmylou, after Emmylou Harris, a big inspiration of mine. I’m attracted to country and folk music from the 70s — Karen Dalton, Bob Dylan, Sir Douglas Quintet, Fleetwood Mac — Patti Smith is my ultimate heroine — and almost all of my friends play music. My contemporaries inspire me everyday: Angel Olsen, PWRBTTM, Petunia & The Vipers, to name a few. Between acting and now that I’m out of Julliard I have been spending more time playing music and it’s restoring me artistically. 

7. How would you say your past has helped you or influenced how you are today?
I’m an only child and spent a ton of time alone. My parents raised me around a lot of music and theater — I was exposed to a lot and was always treated like a peer, not a kid. I was very drawn to film. I would always imagine myself immersed in another world. I like to think abstractly and am drawn to art that suggests and evokes rather than explains. 

8. What is the best part about the cast? And how would you say the chemistry has been? 
Well I think it’s pretty clear we like the shit out of each other! At times I couldn’t believe it was my job to show up every day at play with those people. We each bring a little something different. I remember the first day when we all showed up for the table read, Rob and Parker immediately had their arms reached out to embrace me. And Inbar hugged me after the table read and said, “I’m so glad it’s you!” We had lots of time to bond off set and spent a lot of time with each other. Our rapport off set is very much like what you see on the show.

9. What are your future plans and projects? Where should we looking for you next?
Gemini just premiered at SXSW and we’re hoping for an Imposters season 2!. 

10. What are your favourite shows and movies? 
I’m a huge John Cassavetes fan. I’ve dreamed for years of meeting a film director I can have a creative relationship with similar to John & Gena Rowlands. Filmmakers from the 70s: Fassbinder, Chantal Ackerman, Robert Altman. I always go back to them when I’m feeling uninspired. Currently, I love the work of Jill Solloway, Paul Thomas Anderson, Terrence Malick, Jenji Kohan… to name a few!

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Marianne Rendon

11. If there was one thing you could change about Jules what would it be?
Jules grew up very privileged and had a lot of things handed to her. She was quite sheltered and was constantly trying to break from that world. She’s an artist and I think it would have benefited her as an artist to have gotten away, or rebelled earlier. 

12. How similar are you with your character?
I didn’t grow up as privileged as Jules. I was exposed to that a bit more in college and got to see how it affected people raised with a lot of wealth and privilege. But a lot of Jules’ worries, anxieties, dry humor, visions, and hopes, I share. We’re also both of the romantic turn of mind. 

13. Do you think if given the chance to be back with Maddie, would anyone of the three still jump right back? And which one would you think would do it first?
I think Jules has the hardest time giving into wanting to jump back. We definitely see it in the final episodes. 

Imposters airs Tuesdays 10p on Bravo.