Empire: (S03E12) “Strange Bedfellows”

It’s Hakeem birthday. He’s 21 and still incredibly immature.  Indeed; age is just a number and maturity doesn’t come with age.  We all know “old fools” right?!

He starts by roaming through his apartment of scattered bodies; awakening those able to continue the celebration of this monumental day in history! He had filled the hot tub with syrup last night; anticipating mega waffles, (ewww) to start the day.

He then hits the clubs with his entourage, en route to the final destination and the biggest surprise of ‘em all; the gifts from his family! All while being followed on the live stream.

And then, in typical “L” on the forehead fashion, he dismisses the guards provided by Andre. So of course, @ The Leviathan, his  entertainment “home” his party turns violent. He gave the “ok” for a street posse to accompany him throughout… They started a brawl.  Andre shuts him down and the party’s over! Welcome to 21. #adulthood

However, when he’s frustrated; he says he’s “going to get his girl” I honestly thought this to be Tiana, who had left in a huff; but It was Bella! He wanted to spend the last hours of his birthday, with his real baby! ♡ It was good. And Lucious was impressive as dad, having a heart to heart, with no apparent agenda. This capture was refreshing.  They may wanna do this more often! 

On Jamal’s side of town; DMAJOR is making a surprise visit with news, he’s  finally “come out” He’s live streaming, declaring his love for Jamal.  He enters the penthouse just in time to see Jamal and Philip together post “play”  Needless to say, his “confessions of the heart” was premature.  Jamal don’t want him.

In other Jamal news, he’s kicked Tory Ash (Rumer Willis), to the curb. “She was thirsty” Tory calling his name as he walked away, is apparently the last time we’ll see her. Too bad, I liked her. The girl has talent. Yet anybody who “jumps in bed” with Lucious is often, “MIA” never to be seen again.  

Nessa is on stage and singing to Andre; as Guiliana (Nia Long) creeps in. She wants to hook up later, to discuss more about ‘Vegas.  And they do, briefly; strictly bizness. She makes it clear she has no intimate interest in Andre: although he was willing to “let go” cause Nessa understands and doesn’t mind!  And then I heard dogs barking! “You disappoint me Fredo”

Later we see Giuliana meeting with men, with names like “Gino!” She promises to bring them Lucious.  “rut roh”

Angelo wants to know what Cookie’s hiding, when he finds her handgun; they’re illegal in New York.  Who knew?! Cookie promises to get rid of it.  She then flashes back to being approached by an unsavory individual while living in a motel with Lucious. She shoots him in the knee.  Cookie then tells Angelo, she’s never shot anyone, anyway. ‘

Anika took a Greyhound to her parents. She has a simple plan, enabling her to come home. She calls Lucious. He gives her one week to make the plan good, before he allows his mama to shoot her…with Cookie’s gun!

‘Surprised by Hakeem’s spurt of growth; although temporary no doubt, makes it an ok episode for me.  It was above the usual and customary. He wasn’t the goof and proverbial baby boy, when it mattered.  He went to get his baby girl…all on his own! 

Empire airs, Wednesday nights @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time