The Originals (S04E01) “Gather Up The Killers”

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This was a magnificently written episode by Michael Narducci and co-written by Michael Russo. We get a little bit of everything in this episode, vampires rising! (Elijah) We got amazing team-ups! (Freya, Hayley and Keelin too). The story told thru flashbacks of Marcel and Vincent and “What happened in NOLA in the last 5 years?” Klaus in captivity! (Not for long!) Oh, yeah the greenish-blue hoodoo on the walls scaring the beegezus out of poor little Hope! Where does one begin?


Vincent’s Speech.

I found it quite contrived, histrionic and distributing, at this point in the game. He is giving a speech at the church to his coven. (Church and Witches never mixed to me?? How do you feel???) The Vampires have been around over thousands of years! “We will loose it forever.” The witches deserve respect but “Original Vampires and Original Hybrids” triumph witches. (SCORE TEAM OG!) Just as Vincent speaks of “Monsters” — the camera zooms in on Klaus, REALLY NOW? They never give up!


Marcel and Sofya.

We then move over to Marcel and his new witch. What’s her face? Whatever. “Hayley Marshall is a problem?” Really Marcel? Alastair is wondering about Elijah’s sire line? (BEWARE Alastair! Elijah is “Alive and Kicking”. Just slumbering in a coffin! You’ve been put on notice!) Hayley is searching for Elijah. #TeamFreeElijah! A bit later on, Sofya tells her boo. “There is graffiti popping up all over town, you need to handle that.” (Picture of ouroboros) I say: Signs, Signs, everywhere there are signs! When are they going to take heed to Vincent’s warnings?


Hayley, Hope and Mary.

Hayley and Hope are a revelation together. SO ADORABLE! Mary needs to give it up on Hayley. She is a Mikaelson!!! Not only is she a Mikaelson, what would possess this woman to tell her “Did you ever wonder if you be better off not waking him (As in Klaus) up?” Seriously Mary you still holding a grudge? “YOU NEED TO LET IT GO”. (Like the Disney song says!) Of course, she thinks Hayley is looking to  wake Elijah up too! What does she think? Only wake up Klaus and not the other 4? (As I RME HARD and LAUGH REALLY HARD HYSTERICALLY). Mary gives Hayley the 411. She needs to look for one more wolf line to have the cure. AND you know like Donkey Kong, Hayley is on it!

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Klaus and Marcel.

Klaus never is one to mince his words. “What I’d most enjoy is for you to rot in HELL.” -Klaus (Score 1 #TeamKlaus) Not to be outdone, Marcel has to throw salt on an old wound. “Alistair Duquesne is in town. How do you want this to go?” I have to say I really enjoy Klaus’ quick turn around, “He was a vane aristocrat.” If you can translate KLAUS SPEAK: “I’M GOING TO KILL HIM.” Marcel comes back from his “Alastair endgame party” AND he found something out. WOO HOO. “Elijah and your siblings are all linked to you.” Marcel tells Klaus (REVELATION!) This only gets worse because he tells Klaus about the vampires tracking him and getting his blood. They will no doubtfully find his family then Hope! We cannot have that. You know Klaus will burn the world and kill all of them! We then go to the Original Vampire Death match round 1: Klaus vs. Alastair! Ding. Ding. Ding. I have to say Marcel is very Machiavellian at playing both sides. He tells Alastair “The sword you gave me would give me an agonizing death.” HUGE TWIST! Marcel cuts Klaus free! Alastair is deader then dead in a NY minute. It’s not before Marcel recaptures Klaus again? What is this? I’m getting dizzy. He brings Klaus back down to the dungeon where he proceeds to stab him again with the Papa Tunde blade. Marcel, you are no friend of mine.

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We think it’s a casual night at the bar, or so it seems.  Hayley and Keelin knocking back drinks. Keelin tells Hayley she finished her ER residence. (You know like gals do!) Hold up wait! These guys came to the bar to try and kill her. Hayley wolfs out on them. We fast forward to curing Elijah! (Yay!!!! Finally!!!) The only thing they were missing was Keelin’s venom. She was the missing piece of the puzzle! TADA. After this is done, Keelin wants to be set free. Why do you suspect a “NO DEAL” on this? I DO TOO! Company arrives and not the good kind… “That’s what been tracking me.” – Keelin “It took a long time and now we caught you.” – Vampire (OR SO YOU THINK FOOL!) “Keelin gave her venom and wants to be free. Again, Freya does not want to let her go. I’m seeing a pattern here. “If any of my family is ever bitten again, I will need your venom.” – Freya (Maybe you want her around too? Admit it, Freya. *wink* *wink* *hint*) Freya is doing the spell.  All Keelin wants to know is did it work? Hayley’s in wolf form killing the vamps. BUT something is snapping necks and killing the vampires. OMG, who can it, be now? Elijah???

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(Elijah and Hayley) Haylijah Scene:

Hayley in disbelief grabs Elijah and holds him tighter than she ever could. It’s like she never wants to let him go. Elijah is holding her back with so many feelings. It was indescribable. You could feel the intensity and love between them in that moment.  It was like they never separated.

“And they say romance is dead.” Elijah

“I’ll take it.”-  Hayley

“You saved us, all of us.” – Hayley

“I guess Kol and Rebekah couldn’t contain there hunger.”- Elijah

“After all this time.”- Hayley

“Me too.” – Elijah

“How is Hope?”- Elijah

“She made me promise that I would get all her family back.” – Hayley

“Let’s go get him. “– Elijah

It was such an emotional filled reunion and so beautifully done. The words really couldn’t describe all the emotions they were feeling that moment. The first person he asks about after knowing Hayley was alright was Hope! He acknowledged “Me too.” (A subliminal “I Love you.”) I sure knew the fans were over the moon with anticipation of what’s to come and ahead for these two.


Josh Sighting!

I’m so glad Josh is back, he brings so much comic relief to the show. Welcome back Josh! It’s long overdue!


Vincent getting his groove back:

“Everyone has to stay in the quarter the next week.” – Vincent

I love how Vincent was looking out for his new witch girlfriend. Everyone needs companionship and love, you know! Josh’s one liners are always killers too.

“Maxine” Vincent

“She is into you.” – Josh



Vincent/Klaus Anvil:

“Beware of the sleeping giant, when he wakes, the earth will shake.” – Vincent says to Klaus

It was the next scene that really hits you over the head. “Marcel fed you blood, I kept you in chains.” – Vincent (Confucius say: Another words even though he was a prisoner, Klaus shouldn’t be mad, eh, I don’t think so Vincent…) KLAUS SPEAK AGAIN: “I will escape and seek my own justice.” (I will hunt you down and murder you all!) OH BOY! Vincent went there. He played the Camille card! “I had a friend once, Cami, she was hell bent on proving me wrong.” (OH NO YOU DIDN’T! NO ONE BRINGS UP Klaus’ beloved Camille, NO ONE!)


What Bad Dreams and Stephen King Movies are made of?

“Vincent, its Adam he never came home!” – Maxine

We see Adam walking down a long hall. He opens the door… He sees the ouroboros sign! (We see the bluish green lights in the circular motion moving!) Run Adam Run! Hope screams! We flash over to Mary. Who tells Hope “You’re safe, I’m not going anywhere.” (We’ve heard that in every horror movie EVER MADE!)


I hope you enjoyed my recap. Until next time.

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