Girls (S06E09) “Goodbye Tour”



The emotions that are brought up with this episode are only a taste of what is to be expected when the very last episode airs. I am not prepared to say goodbye to the eclectic group of characters, but as we all know, everything has an eventual end.

We find Hannah (Lena Dunham) in upstate New York. There is a peaceful rhythm to her step, it seems like the exact place she is supposed to be in. She’s been offered a teaching position, and instead of seizing the moment and diving right in, she takes a few steps back and really think’s about this life changing opportunity.

Elijah (Andrew Rannells), is all against her moving so far away. They have been through a lot together, and without her there, he would be going at it alone. Change is hard for everyone involved, but it is a necessary evil that everyone must face, eventually. There is a very touching moment where Elijah sings Hannah to sleep, that’s when it hits them, she’s not going to stay.

Everyone has been so caught up in their own lives, the connections have all been frayed. As Hannah tries to track down the people who used to be the cornerstone of her life, they are nowhere to be found. Her father is there with comfort and encouragement, urging her to live out her dreams and give her child a wonderful life.

The decision is weighing heavily on her shoulders, you can tell that she is conflicted. Should she stay, and endure this place that she has become to despise, or should she have a fresh start in a new place, where the possibilities are endless? The past is calling for her, but things will never go back to the way they were.

Hannah finds herself at Sosh’s, and finds out the hard way just how much the core group of friends have separated over the years. It seems as though since everyone is so focused on themselves, they have forgotten that it takes time and effort to maintain solid friendships. Sosh (Zosia Mamet) is engaged and  has a whole other group of friends, she has moved forward from the toxic relationships in her life, there was a reason why Hannah wasn’t invited to her engagement party.

Marnie (Allision Williams) is also at the engagement party, as is Jessa (Jemima Kirke). This is the first time in a very long time the girls have been in the same vicinity. Before a drama induced girl fight could break out and ruin the party, Marnie calls for an emergency group meeting in the bathroom. Everyone been through their own personal battles and life changing moments, they have also all drifted apart.

Sosh is the first to say something that has been weighing on all of their minds. It’s better off for them to keep their distance and move on with their lives, she has, and she doesn’t have room for their toxic nonsense anymore. She makes a graceful exit, shutting the door and leaving them with her peace. It’s over. Marnie realizes that Sosh is right, and that’s when Hannah reveals that she will be moving upstate to start a new life.

The unravelling has come to its end. There is no more that can be said, and there is nothing that can repair what has happened to these friends. With the choices they have made and the different path’s they’ve chosen, this is it. There is no looking back. Jessa and Hannah finally have the moment we have been waiting for, it’s time to forgive and move on from what has happened over the years. As they party in to the night, they realize that is the last time.

It’s heart wrenching, but that’s the way life is. You drift in and out of other people’s lives. Some stay with you till the end of time, and other’s drop off the face of th earth for no reason. Each woman is going off in their own directions, and that’s not a bad thing. They have grown up so much over the years, and it’s nice to see where they are headed to next.

Hannah is gone. She’s ready to start her new life. But there is one episode left. I can only imagine what it will bring. Tears, lots of tears.

One positive note from this episode. Elijah got the part in the musical! It’s all coming together, as it should.


Rating 9/10

The SERIES FINALE of Girls airs Sunday, April 16th on HBO at 10ET/9PT


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