The Great Indoors (S01E18) “Party Paul”



Can confirm. Paul is not a cat.

Coming in from a night of drunken debauchery Jack (Joel McHale) and Roland (Stephen Fry) are faced with a very angry Brooke (Susannah Fielding). Roland had “forgotten” to meet up with Paul (Andrew Leeds) yet again, and he can’t find a good excuse to satisfy Brooke’s needs. Jack to the rescue, with a promise to find a meaningful connection between Paul and Roland.

Mason (Shaun Brown), is dealing with his own predicament. Having a blinding drunk night and coming home with three phone numbers, he needs to figure out which number is of the hottie he want’s to get with. Good thing Emma (Christine Ko) is well versed at “stalking.”  They are able to put 3 faces to the number. While debating which one Mason should call, he, Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) and Emma are at odds with who is the more interesting of the potential dates. Emma is bored with her current boyfriend and Clark is desperately trying to convince her that boring isn’t necessarily so bad.

Jack had enticed Roland to join him for a round of drinks at Eddie’s bar, where they would be meeting a mystery guest. Nothing could hide the sheer disappointment on Roland’s face when Paul came waltzing into the bar. There is no give and take to this potential relationship; Roland is set in his ways and doesn’t want anything to do with Paul. Jack is there to encourage Paul to join them in drinking.  It will be easier to break the ice and possibly find a way for him and Roland to connect. It ends in disaster though. When Paul goes for drinks, he disappears out into the night instead.

Panicked, Jack and Roland go to the first place they can think of that Paul would go, home. But when Brooke answers the door and want’s to know where Paul is, the lies commence. Oh, and that’s when Brooke tells them that Paul’s medication does not mix with booze. Ooops. They need to find him before the truth comes out, but we always know, that the truth will come out in a hilarious way. That’s when they choose to enlist the team, who are still at the office, debating the three potential dates splayed out for them on the screen.

Now, through out this whole series, Jack has been trying to figure out Mason’s sexual orientation, now that it’s staring him right in the face on the screen, there are two men and one woman, he’s finally able to piece that puzzle together. Jack becomes over enthusiastic about the fact that Mason is bi-sexual, and over supportive. After that get’s settled though, they send Emma to business, tracking down Paul. It doesn’t take long for them to track some of his movements, but when they go to the place where his cellphone has stopped, it turns in to a dead-end.

Emma hacks into Paul’s phone to try to find out any other important information that will lead them back to him. He is lost and alone out there, and three sheets to the wind. While they were tapping into Paul’s phone, Brooke sent a message. They felt obliged to message back, and it spiraled into sexting Brooke the wrong penis picture and her figuring out that Paul was gone.

There’s no hiding anymore. Paul is still missing and it’s Roland’s fault, he had been insulting Paul all night, and he had overheard some particularly bad things and decided he was done. They eventually found Paul at a piano bar, singing out his frustrations to the tune of Billy Joel. That’s when the angry confrontation happened between Roland and Paul.

Roland wanted someone who was strong, someone like Jack, to be with his daughter, not the sensitive type who’s in to canning preserves. Paul finally stands up for himself, liquid courage is a hell of a thing. He’s in love with Brooke and would do anything to make her happy, and he didn’t care that Roland wasn’t going to give him his blessings, he wasn’t going anywhere. It turned out, that’s just what Roland needed to hear, it proved that Paul was good enough for his daughter.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Even Mason, who finally decided on Damien.

Jack seems to be building up a cache of good deeds. Even as the episode is ending, he announces that he is proud to be part of a movement that has allowed people to be open about who they are, and free to love whoever they want.

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