The Originals (S04E02): “No Quarter”

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The Great Escape.

You know when they start off the show in the woods, with people running for their dear lives, someone’s dying! The Original Vampires are back! Can we get a HELL YES!  Elijah, Beks, Kol and Freya are on the hunt! Include 1 Original Hybrid named Hayley too. It’s time to go get big brother, Klaus. You know the one who kept them alive in a supernatural dream slumber for 5 years? Freya uses Hayley as the anchor in the spell, Elijah is watching closely. Oh boy! Marcel thinks he is going to stop Klaus from being freed, NO I DON’T THINK SO! Elijah is in battle mode! Watch out now… Elijah and Marcel are battling it out. Enter Hayley. (No one messes with my man!) They are tag teaming Marcel with body blows and words. Out of no where, comes Klaus with Freya! Klaus stabs Marcel with the Papa Tunde blade from behind. (WHAT!?! That had to hurt.) Marcel gets it out, chases them down and issues them hypocrisy! “I beat you all without turning into you. And the only reason why you exist is because I show you Mercy.” (Um, Marcel you remind of somebody, that I used to know. Somebody…)


Marcel and Sofya never stop scheming.

Marcel and Sofya just never stop do they? There are some who love to scheme, scheme, and scheme. Is that really a way to live? “And if they have the Monroe blood, they have all 7 packs!” (Um hum, you better believe it!) You know when it’s on and it’s on. You will be seeing hell and death fire now! Never cross a Mikaelson, you imbeciles.

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I’m here.

There is nothing like having the love of your life back, when you’re being held prisoner in Marcel’s basement of torture. Can it get even worse? YES! Let’s say having you’re murdered LOVE OF YOUR LIFE coming back to you in flashbacks. See where I’m going here? Camille, comes back to us for 1 episode, really now writers/TpTb? A HUGE BOO TO YOU ON THAT! She is Klaus conscience, offering him sage advice about life and his daughter Hope. “YOU are the reason your family is alive.” – Camille tells Klaus (I have to agree. Klaus did something selfless because he learned to be a better person for his daughter. Plus I’m really sure Cami’s love helped.) She is always looking out, for him to “The Cradle to the Grave.” (I just had to writers, you deserved that one.)


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Love is a battlefield with landmines.

Why is it whenever Rebel gets together it never ends well? I guess having a ship name “Rebel” it gives you no good luck? (Get it: Rebel without a Cause. BURN! Not funny huh?) Um, you say Beks wants to volunteer as bait to distract Marcel?? NOT SUCH A GOOD IDEA. Anyway, these two getting together in a cemetery is like days of old, only thing is Soyfa is lurking in the bushes, sound familiar? (Snickers and Snorts) We can laugh now because he is gone… But we were sure crying a river way back when, weren’t we? I’m getting off track… Um, Miss. Prissy thinks she can pull an arrow out on Beks? Marcel has the gall to say “Nobody lays a finger on her, keep her here.” (I mean really Marcel. After you let Miss. Prissy shoot her with an arrow? Nah, you played yourself, man.) It’s not before Kol, comes to the graveyard looking for Beks! He kills the vamp with Sofya. Then he kills everyone around them! He pulls the arrows out of Beks. Seems Sofya has fled? Told you, Love is a battlefield with landmines, sometimes. (That especially goes for when your ship name is Rebel.)


“Tell me, what TEUTOBURG means?”

After Kol issues threats that Josh, YOU, his family, his boyfriend, the city will BURN! (Kol is my type of friend in a crisis, I tell you.) “It’s a battle, where the bad guys, caught the good guys off guard.” The next thing you know Kol snaps Josh’s neck. That is the way you do things!


Adam, where is Adam?

Maxine and Vincent talking at the church, how precious, she gives him a protection charm! (I have a feeling he is going to need Maxine.) Adam is still missing. This is not a good sign, we know from the last episode; Adam seen the bluish, green light. (DANGER!!!! Ouroboros or HOLLOW? I am not sure what we should call it.) BAD NEWS: Vincent tells Maxine back at the church, he knows what might have Adam, and it’s VERY EVIL. He’s got a lot of work to do.


Klaus meet Hope.

The Mikaelsons finally all flee the city, they head to there cottage away from NOLA. Hayley brings Klaus to Hope’s bedroom where he peek’s in and sees his daughter for the first time – sleeping like a little princess.


Lines of the episodes:

“Kol, would you PLEASE!” –Elijah shouting (As Kol is in ripper mode. All you hear are people screaming as they die. Elijah then proceeds to wipe the blood from his mouth, with a handkerchief, always the noble gentlemen.)


“Perhaps they don’t have cell phone service in a drainage pipe.” – Beks tells Kol (After the Great Escape that freed Klaus)


It was truly another amazing episode written by Michelle Paradise and Talicia Riggs.

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