Ash vs Evil Dead (S01E02) “Bait”

After the carnage of the premiere episode, Ash is in a hurry to get the Necronomicon to Books from Beyond so he can have it translated to “put a lid back on all of this bullshit.” However, Kelly has other ideas. She believes that her Dad may be in danger since her Mom mysteriously rose from the dead. So, understandably she wants to go home and check the situation out. Ash nixes that plan because he tells her he is trying to save the world.

While Ash is outside trying to patch up the shotgun holes in his trailer, his boss Mr. Roper who is now a full-fledged Deadite is lurking in the shadows.  Before he can make his move, Kelly bolts out the door and jumps onto Pablo’s motorcycle leaving both men in the dust. Apparently, Kelly is heading for her parents’ house and she has the book in her possession much to Ash’s consternation.

On the way to Kelly’s house, Ash explains to Pablo that if Kelly’s Mom is a Deadite than more than likely they will have to cut her head off. At this point, Pablo is seriously frightened and he tells Ash that he doesn’t want to fight anymore. To which Ash assures him that for his first time he did really well because people usually end up dead. This doesn’t help Pablo who is already feeling edgy so he asks if Ash has any fighting tips. In his usual deadpan manner, Williams replies, “Once you get jacked in the face, it will all click.”

Out of the blue, Mr. Roper jumps up from the backseat and starts attacking Ash. He grabs the wheel after tossing Ash aside and attempts to drive the car into oncoming traffic. Pablo starts wrestling with the Deadite and cracks a beer bottle over his head. This prompts Roper to head butt Pablo into submission. Meanwhile Ash is giving it his all in the back seat trying to beat the crap out of this demon while Pablo is having a mini breakdown in the front seat.

Finally, Ash is able to grab a bottle from the floor of the car. He cracks it and proceeds to plunge it deeply into the Deadite’s jugular causing a fount of blood to come pulsating out. Still undeterred, the demon keeps wrestling with Williams until he thrusts the Deadite out the window where he promptly gets beheaded by a passing vehicle.

One of the many cool things about this show is the way they cut to the title card. In this particular episode, it happens right after Roper’s unfortunate demise and we get treated to the blood splatter. Then Ash vs Evil Dead is emblazoned across the screen. In my opinion, this is pretty ingenious. You won’t find that on network television!

In the very next scene, Special Agent Fisher arrives at the Mossy Haven Trailer Park. She is interviewing Ash’s neighbors. They immediately tell her about the girl with the ink on her wrist and that they heard them chanting spells and doing voodoo. Fisher thanks them for the info and proceeds over to Ash’s empty trailer space where she sees bodies. A hand points toward a business card. When Fisher picks it up we see that the card states “Books from Beyond.”

Ash and Pablo roll up to Kelly’s parents’ house in the Delta 88. Before they go in, Ash gives Pablo the plan which entails busting in, grabbing the book and taking off. In an inspired scene that is so over the top it is side-splittingly hysterical, Ash and Pablo bust through the door, chainsaw smoking, with Pablo carrying his broken bottle. The whole thing is totally absurd because all that is happening is a simple family get together in the living room.

Immediately, Kelly’s dad leaps up because he thinks they are hooligan robbers and tells them that they can “take anything they want just don’t hurt the family.”  At this juncture, Kelly chimes in that these are friends of hers from Value Stop. Without missing a beat, Ash launches into this crazy explanation of how they were just in the neighborhood and the reason why they are bloody is because they killed a deer and it was a mess. Mom invites the duo to stay for dinner.  So, Ash and Pablo go back to the Airstream to freshen up.

In the middle of wiping the blood and gore off, Ash explains to Pablo that Kelly is bait and that Mom just wants to get to him. Feeling guilty, Pablo tells Ash that Kelly didn’t take the Necronomicon, he did. Now, Ash knows for certain that Mom is a demon.

The entire dinner time is full of Ash rapid firing questions at Mom who remains unflappable. Although the script gets flipped when Mom looks at Ash and she has a mouthful of dripping blood. Of course, Ash is the only one who can see the vision because it is meant just for him. Mom’s cover story is that she had amnesia after her accident and that she was laying low in a hospital in Ohio.

At the Mossy Haven Trailer Park things have kicked up a notch because now it is a crime scene. Special Agent Fisher is looking at the rubble and debris of the bodies when her boss appears. He reminds her that she isn’t on duty yet because of the ongoing internal investigation into her partner’s death and that she needs to take off. Before leaving, Fisher steals a look at the artist’s rendering of the murderer. She finds herself staring at Ash’s visage.  Now, she can put a face to the carnage and mayhem.

At Kelly’s house, dinner is getting even more tense. True to form, our hero is buying none of Mom’s cover story and asks her to give him the book. Playing dumb, Mom replies that she has no idea what he is asking her.

Tiring of the charade, Ash punches Mom dead in the face knocking her to the floor. Understandably, everyone is aggravated by this turn of events. However, when Mom gets up she slowly reveals that she is in fact, a Deadite!  This is when everything turns upside down and the whole scene turns crazy.

Before Dad can do anything, Deadite Mom grabs him and impales him on a fork! Ash revs his chainsaw and says, “Let’s tango, bitch!” The demon is climbing the ceiling and Ash is trying to take her out with his boom stick.

Upstairs, Kelly is overwhelmed with grief at losing her Mom for a second time. She is losing it when she hears her Mom singing, “Mockingbird” behind her. Slowly turning around, Mom has returned and is sitting on the bed looking totally normal.

Sobbing, she tells Kelly she doesn’t know what is happening to her and asks for Kelly’s love. Kelly vows that together they can save her, they can fight the demon. Enter Ash and Pablo while Kelly is hugging her Mom.

Wheeling around, Kelly pleads for Ash to spare Mom because they can save her. Ash tells Kelly to step aside but before anything can occur, Deadite Mom springs into action hurling Kelly against the wall. A battle royale ensues and the demon attacks Ash. His chainsaw gets stuck in the wall.

While he is trying to free himself, Pablo runs at Deadite Mom and stabs her in the head. This only succeeds in making her angry. By this time, Ash has liberated his chainsaw and he cuts her head off.

What follows is actually very sad. We grieve for Kelly as she stands before her parents’ graves with Ash and Pablo. Declaring that she hates this evil, the three decide to join forces and fight the Deadites together.

The show ends with Special Agent Fisher entering the Books From Beyond store leaving us wanting more. We have an idea of what is going to happen but with Ash at the wheel you just better sit back and enjoy the lunatic ride.