Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E13) “The Audit”


image - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E13) "The Audit"“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” makes its awaited return with an awkward brunch date, rats on cocaine, and a Japanese photocopier! Welcome back, Nine-Nine!

Crime rate in Brooklyn has lowered significantly which means that some precincts have to be shut down, and the Nine-Nine has to band together to save their precinct from getting shut down. Unfortunately for them, the auditor is none other than Det. Teddy Wells, Amy’s ex-boyfriend who we last saw getting dumped by Amy. Yikes.

It’s so comforting to see the Nine-Nine back in action again. This episode was fantastic. Lots of callbacks to past episodes (Terry’s semester at Tokyo actually plays a big part in the episode!), and since it’s a Jake/Amy episode, a lot of scenes with America’s favorite couple, and of course, they haven’t forgotten about Gina. (She’s fine, guys!)

I absolutely love how the episode is so strong with its continuity. They didn’t forget that Teddy loves Pilsners or that CJ was a captain who made very irrational choices (hence the Japanese photocopier). And in true Nine-Nine fashion, it ends in a cliffhanger which can only be summed up with one question: “Why can’t any of you keep it in your pants?!”

I really have nothing more to say about this episode besides it’s fantastic. Words fail me on how much seeing the Nine-Nine again is just so good. Good to be back in the Nine-Nine!