The Originals (S04E03) “Haunter of the Ruins”

Another stunner of an episode! I have to say the writers/TpTb have been batting home runs out of the park. A HUGE KUDOS to Declan Debarra and Carina Mackenzie on this one. This was Declan’s last episode and he will be sorely missed. Shall we begin?

cw edit originals siblings stunned looking at hope apr 12 17 - The Originals (S04E03) “Haunter of the Ruins”

It’s a family affair.

I nearly died and went to heaven, when the littlest Mikaelson, Hope finally reunited with her family. One by one on the porch, they all stood there in sheer amazement, just staring on at this beautiful little girl.

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There is just something about Haylijah.

I have to be honest after 4 seasons it’s great to see progression in their love story. Can I get a Hallelujah! The slow burn and build up, it’s been at a paramount going into the Season 3 finale and the Season 4 opener. I have to admit, I’ve been dying to see their reunion. SO, when the writers did such a beautiful job with it, I was overwhelmed. Never mind, the fact Daniel Gillies can read a dictionary and I’d be on cloud 9, let’s face it. When he starts telling Hayley things like: “Let me guess, you want the world to disappear.” OR “Your life is more than the salvation of the Mikaelson family.” OR the BIGGEST SURPRISE OF ALL: “I love you.” (Let’s just say we were all in shock!) No one more than I and the legions of Haylijah fans, I bet. Ever since he said “I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it at least once.” AND our girl Hayley stopped him from saying those 3 important words. I thought we’d be in for a very long, drawn out story… BUT I can clearly say that the pacing is just right now. I told you I have been waiting all my shipping life for these two. SO, BRING IT. ON. WRITERS/TpTb!

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Klope feels are so REAL.

“Hello.” Hope says. “Hello.” A very stunned and extremely proud papa Klaus answers back. In typical little kid fashion she wants to play in the garden. You could surmise this would be a typical and normal reaction from a little child, right? I say definitely YES!

I loved when Hayley broke it down “You are her fairytale prince, Klaus and now you are real.” All this reality was kind of hitting him all at once. I guess being alone over one thousand years, you kind of get used to it. When all of a sudden you have this little child to take care of, your life changes in a profound way. So, I really loved the scene between them water coloring of all things together! Who would have known? Hope loves to watercolor like her Dad? (Score #TeamOG) I guess the hybrids don’t far from the tree in that department. Klaus telling Hope stories of his childhood, how he grew up in a very small house, how his siblings were… The sweetest and most surprising scene! Hope healing a butterfly! I loved when Hope told her Dad. “Shh, don’t tell Mom.” (It was like their little secret.) My Klope feels are so real!

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Here they come y’all, here they come!

Over at the church Vincent is lighting a fire. (Isn’t that really BAD to do inside a church?) Wait, he is trying to burn that EVIL BOOK! The “Book of the Damned” we will call it for now. Flashback time, Eva is back, Vincent is dreaming or having a NIGHTMARE about her on ELM STREET. Oh, boy Eva is pregnant. Good or bad seed? (You know as in “Damien of the OMEN” kind?) Making promises he cannot keep, going to change NOLA? Um, okay. We are back in present day, he is telling Marcel; “Damien from the OMEN” got inside Eva and twisted her up. SO sorry Vincent, you did not deserve that, at all!!! Oh, it left nothing but darkness and you know what???? It’s back again! (Wait so Vincent kid is the “Darkness”?) Let me take a guess for whom??? Simon says: The Mikaelsons: Hope, Klaus, Kol, Beks, Elijah, Hayley and even Marcel. Det. Kinney pays Vincent a visit, 4 missing children, meanwhile Marcel is a peeping. OMG! The Book on the DAMNED IS ALIVE, ALIVE I TELL YOU! “If I come for that book, just kill me.” – Vincent tells Marcel (Ominous messages and scary thoughts…) Flash forward to present day, Marcel and Vincent talk about how they want to protect theirs… “That book made me INVINCIBLE!” Vincent starts tell more creepy stories to Marcel, more horrible details… (I’m shook!) Craziest thing is Vincent summons the Mikaelsons back to NOLA, after he finds a brush with an “M” on it. He believes Hope is one of the kids that the EVIL WANTS! Dun… Dun…Dun….


More than a Freelin.

You think Freya and Hayley fighting over freeing Keelin, um is not going to end well? What say you? (I SAY YES!) “This isn’t a punishment.” – Freya to Keelin (Oh, yeah right, whatever you want to FOOL YOURSELF WITH. Girl you’ve been bitten by the love bug, stop fronting…) As Keelin explains this complicated medical story, yada, yada, yada. We get face off in the barn, because Hayley freed Keelin, she ran out of faster than a speeding ticket! We get a VERY PISSED to HELL off Freya. Add in Elijah, and there is a lot going on. “RELEASE HER.” You know how stern Elijah gets when he’s mad. And like a bat out of hell Freya is on this, she’s not letting go! “It’s more than a Freelin.” These two were a match made in heaven or hell? I tell you, light a match and they’ll light the room a blaze…


Haunters of the Ruins Lines of the episode:

“We should be on a flight to San Trope. You can catch up when we are on our way, I assure you haven’t missed much” – Kol to Elijah and his family (Kol’s snark is unmatchable!)


“Now that our brother has found his purpose, what will you do? You are no longer tethered to him, now that you are no longer burdened to saving his soul.” Beks to Elijah (I always love Beks and Elijah’s talks, you? She is always looking out for her family.)


“Oh, here you are where there is boobs and booze.” Beks to Kol (We see Kol is sucking the blood out of a lifeless dead girl)



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cw edit originals siblings stunned looking at hope apr 12 17 - The Originals (S04E03) “Haunter of the Ruins”