Imposters (S01E10) “Always Forward, Never Back” (Season Finale)


All fun things must come to an end. And the joyful ride that’s been Imposter has finished its ups and downs.

Everything started with a con and ended that way. At the beginning, the pursuit of the truth, her truth, was the main focus to the three amigos that are now bond beyond the fact of loving and sharing the same wife.

But discovering who she really was turned up being a discovering of who Ezra, Richard and Jules actually were. See, conning is the art of becoming other. Playing a role that gets you out of your role. And becoming other is fun and challenging. Not the same as becoming an actress, conning involves your life. Because let’s face it, if the conning fails you could end up in jail or worst.

The sad part is that a con artist will never be true, never be honest. The identity is completely lost. And, although Ezra, Richard and Jules finally got some closure and the opportunity to move on, the cost of the decision to follow the woman they thought they loved could be high.

Yes, everything went as plan. Another gorgeous wedding, with cake, alcohol and the FBI. But the three would never be the same. That rush they got, that excitement of getting away with it… that doesn’t compare to anything else. Maddie knows it. Probably that’s why she didn’t got in the bus. Now she’s free, or so it seems so.

On a high note: Thank God Lenny was back for the finale. Will be seen more of her if there’s a season two. Fingers cross.

Quotes from the episode:
“Mi first con was my second cousin Danny”.
“So, wrestling is kind of gay”.
“Consider it my wedding present to you, darling dearest”.
“Leopard cant change its pants”.