The Magicians (S02E12) “Ramifications”

Julia carried Alice’s shade from the Underworld and helps Quentin and Mayakovsky bring Alice back to human form. Niffin Alice is needless to say less than pleased but they manage to bring her back but the human Alice is also less than thrilled to be back in one piece. Alice stays with Mayakovsky to recover while Quentin goes back to Brakebills to comfort Eliot. Eliot is upset that Quentin gave away the button but they put their heads together to try and find another way back to Fillory. Meanwhile, IN Fillory, since Josh is the only child of Earth left that makes him High King… Literally actually as Josh uses his new royal position to party but a servant mixes the wrong herbs together and he ends up seeing into another world where Margo tells him to get his butt in gear to help get her out of the Fairy Realm. At Brakebills, Gaines helps Kady and Julia come up with a plan to kill Reynard. Penny and Sylvia plot to get into the Poison Room by way of fountain. Eliot and Quentin find out that the way back to Fillory is through the Ram Head Grandfather clock (the clock we saw in the Pilot). But where to find it? Gaines goes back to Washington where he finds that dear old dad has killed his wife because he found out his son had been talking to Julia and Kady. Eliot and Quentin find out who bought the Ram Head clock and he’s a fan of Fillory but even more shocking the guy turns out to be Umber!


A distraught Senator Gaines realizes the only way to kill Reynard is to use every ounce of his power so he compels Julia to go for a pizza run while he compels Kady to murder him and absorb his power. Alice isn’t happy to be in one flesh again saying humans are disgusting messes but Mayakovsky tells her to suck it up and focus her anger on trying to make the world slightly better because humans try so hard to make it. Sometimes Mayakovsky is really a father figure in the disguise of a drunk uncle. Penny and Sylvia break into the fountain where they find the Poison Room and… I guess calling it the “Poison” room is fitting as Penny and Sylvia start breaking out in boils. Sylvia wants to get into the Poison Room because there’s a weird phenomenon where in certain books the story just stops leaving 20 blank pages. Could magic being on the fritz be responsible? Sylvia sacrifices herself so Penny can get the book he needs to kill a god and Penny manages to escape. Eliot and Quentin ask Umber to help them but the god of Order says that Fillory is beyond saving and on its last legs. Turns out his brother Ember (god of Chaos) has been messing around in Fillory and was the one who turned half the palace staff into rats. Soon Ember will get so bored he’ll just destroy Fillory. Eliot wants to save it because it has become his home. Umber relents and gives them the clock. In Fillory, furious over his father’s disappearance Prince Ess invades the castle. Josh dethrones himself. Maybe it’s not so good to be the king.


Julia uses Gaines’s sacrifice by putting his power inside a “magic bullet”. She and Kady plan to lure Reynard by making him think that Persephone has come back to Earth by way of thunder and lightning storms. In Fillory, Josh and 2 of his council use his magic drugs to smoke out the enemy then Josh spots the Fairies taking Fen away. Using the same potion Margo used, Josh goes to the Fairy Realm to help her. By using a storm, Julia and Kady lure Reynard out of hiding. Kady distracts him by telling the god that she killed her son because Gaines practically begged her to do it so he wouldn’t have to deal with Reynard anymore. Julia has Reynard at gun point when who shows up? Lady Underground herself! Reynard isn’t her jilted lover he’s her jilted son! Persephone begs Julia to spare Reynard, telling her not to let him turn her into a monster because of what he did to her. Julia relents. Persephone takes Reynard away (hopefully to severely punish the SOB) leaving Kady angry at Julia for not killing him when she had the chance. As a reward, Persephone gives Julia her shade back. Quentin goes to visit Alice and tells her he’s not sorry that he brought her back but to take all the time she needs. Eliot and Quentin prepare to go back to Fillory and conquer it from Ember in order to save it.


“The Magicians” has been renewed for Season 3, which is good because it was a very emotional episode, which will lead up to an emotional season finale sure end in a cliff hanger. I can’t entirely hate Julia for not killing Reynard. She’s earned back quite a few points for helping Quentin. In the books, Alice was also angry at Quentin for bringing her back to human form as being pure magic she had all the knowledge she could ever want so the show is keeping true to the books in some ways. Quentin is that emo kid who writes dark poetry but he’s also endearing in a way because he doesn’t give up. I still manage to cheer for him even when I feel like he should just throw in the towel in move on romantically. Say whatever you want, Quentin is loyal. I may be the only one disappointed though that Reynard turned out to be Persephone’s son instead of her lover though his actions still make some sense. It’s an oedipal complex at work where Reynard disguises himself as Lady Underground then “punishes” the women who worship her as a way to get back at his mother for abandoning him blah blah blah really screwed up guy with mommy issues. See? Disappointing. Eliot calling Fillory his home was actually pretty endearing. At first he chafed at his position because he could never leave but he made a family there and he wants to protect it. He has a bored god of Chaos and Fairies to deal with and all the while magic is dying which may come back up in conversation in the season finale.