The Originals (S04E04) “Keeper of the House”

If the writers/TpTb keeps it up at this rate, they are certainly guaranteed a Season 5! Otherwise, The Originals fans will be sure protest and scream bloody murder for sure. Keep up the outstanding work, Beau DeMayo, Christopher Hollier and Joseph Morgan!  Shall we begin?


Captain Kinney and the kids.

It kind of rhymes with “Benny and the Jets.” right? Nah let me stop playing. (It does though right, seriously? I’m thinking of that Elton John classic right now. *snorts and snickers*) let’s just say Captain Kinney is in all kinds of trouble taking off with those kids! BAD MOVE DUDE. Snapping necks and cashing checks are in order, and Captain Kinney is about to meet his maker, or so we thought???



The Ouroboros aka HOLLOW.

I am truly deeply worried with Hope drawing all these scary pictures! I mean when I was 7 years old; I didn’t even dare think of things like this to draw. How about you? SO, what in gawds name is possessing Hope to draw these pictures? I shudder to think! I am waiting to hear something like “I see dead people. OR there is a creepy monster in my closet telling me bad things.” (You know every kids WORST FEAR!) Hope is like our resident psychic kid. Seeing things, hearing bad stuff and lawd only knows what else?


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I am going to keep Klaus to his word. What say you my fellow TO fans: “I will keep you safe always and forever.” –Klaus (I just get a feeling, Daddy dearest won’t let you down, kid.) Hang on Hope, help is coming sweetie.


When you do good get even better.

“We have to do better.” Hayley

This can be interpreted in so many ways. BUT, if you understand Elijah and Hayley, somewhat complex relationship, you’ll know that they always strive to be their best selves. This message can be misconstrued or taken in the wrong way. (It certainly shouldn’t.) When you achieve such a deep love and understanding of another person, you always strive for the best in them as well as in yourself.  Is there something wrong with that? Of course not, especially when you have a “selfless love”, which by definition is sacrificing yourself for another life/needs above your own. In a nutshell is the perfect description of Elijah and Hayley to a “T”.


dont look into the light carol ann s4xe4 the originals apr 5 17 - The Originals (S04E04) “Keeper of the House"

Don’t look into the LIGHT Carol Ann, oh no, I mean Klaus, Marcel and Elijah.

It’s kind of crazy, no? You stare into the light of the HOLLOW and unspeakable EVIL will be brought upon you. SO, let me just say now, I am extremely worried for Klaus, Marcel and Elijah! “They all looked into the light, Carol Ann!” (Forgive me; I love that “Poltergeist” line. You see that little psychic lady telling her that right now in your head too!) I MEAN Elijah was trying to be selfless and save those children, why should he be punished with the HOLLOW? Why should Klaus be punished and even Marcel? They were all trying to do the right thing? This is nuts. (Even though Marcel is not my favorite character right now, no one deserves that!) We all saw Klaus at the end of the episode and the HOLLOW already has him. Oh no! How will it affect Marcel and Elijah? Redrum? Red Door? You say? Oh no…


to 4x04 bladeofsashuri klaus with hollow eyes apr 12 17 - The Originals (S04E04) “Keeper of the House"




Random musings from Keeper of the House:

Did you love Keelin hand kiss? Are you a fan? Or is a kiss just a kiss? Do you feel this is a family trait? (Hand kisses *wink*)

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