The Great Indoors (S01E19) “Ricky Leaks”



The wrath of a disgruntled IT guy is far-reaching, and the team finds this out the hard way. When Ricky (Rory Scovel), their IT guy overhears them gossiping about him, it sets him in a rage. When he asks for a simple apology from Jack (Joel McHale), which he of course refuses, it sets them down a very slippery slope.

Jack has been trying to keep the team focused on trying to write better articles for publication, but this new distraction has they all on edge. Things seem to be solved after Jack demands they all delete their e-mails and get their head back into the game, but we know that the temptation is too strong for them not to open that file. Even being held hostage by a water bottle armed by Esther (Deborah Baker Jr.), isn’t enough for them to focus on the task at hand.

Brooke (Susannah Fielding) and Jack come back to the office from Eddie’s, and you can cut the tension with a knife. They have indeed, read the personal e-mails. Exposing their worst selves to the rest of the office, something they had hope to keep hidden. Emma (Christine Ko), Mason (Shaun Brown) and Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) at odds now, and Ricky isn’t done with his reign of terror just yet. As he calls in to the office, asking if Jack wishes to concede, the resounding “NO” that follows sets off another email “dump”.

Clark is on edge, the one secret he want’s to keep to himself could soon be exposed to the world. He’s safe for now, but it’s only a matter of time. He’s not ready to tell Emma about his feelings for her just yet. Jack has encouraged them to open the new email up and deal with the backlash head on. It’s better to have it all out on the open in their terms. Jack is the ever steady one, until an e-mail from Clark talking about how selfish Jack is, hurts his feelings. Brooke is the next victim, and now it seems as though Ricky has won.

The team is divided, but they have all been through worse. It allows them to all take a good look at themselves. Especially Brooke and Jack who need to take a page out of each others books. Jack needs to show more compassion, even if it’s faked and Brooke needs to stop being such a pushover. Coming back to the office with renewed purpose, Jack decides its time to Apologize to Ricky, to stop this mayhem.

A simple apology was all Ricky wanted to hear, and Jack actually gave him one, even though it was blanketed. Before they could move forward, Brooke stepped in and told Ricky how she really felt about him and his horrible work ethic. And since Ricky is not a rational person, he dropped the third and final blow to the team. In it contained a certain e-mail that Mason had written to Roland about Clark’s obsession with Emma.

Instead of the truth coming out, Jack stepped in to save the day. Since it was a general email that didn’t “name name’s”, he was able to put a twist on it, letting them in on his own little secret, but saving Clark from being mortified in front of the woman he loved.

They all learned something this episode, hopefully this time it sticks. Clark needs to man up and tell Emma how he feels, soon. The momentum is building for that moment!

Oh, and if you need an expert lime cutter, Eddie (Chris Williams) is your guy! 
Rating: 6/10
The next episode of “The Great Indoors” airs, Thursday, April 27th 8:30/7:30c

Photo: Screenshot from Episode