The Middle (S08E19) “The Confirmation”

Review: This week’s episode, in which Charlie McDermott made his directorial debut, is a continuation of last week’s storyline where Axl and Lexie finally got together. Axl however doesn’t want to make it public yet after all the events that happened with April. Axl and Lexie keep sneaking around, while Brad and Sue try to get Lexie’s mind off Axl because they have no idea what is happening behind their backs. When playing games and recreating the Friends opening sequence doesn’t work, Brad and Sue get Lexie a date. Axl isn’t too thrilled to hear this and when he sees that the guy, Chester, is a better version of him, he gets even more insecure. Eventually he gets rid of Chester without spilling the beans about his relationship with Lexie to Brad and Sue, but when Sean and a guy from Lexie’s class show up as well, Axl feels like he is not the only one who likes Lexie so he tells Brad and Sue that he and Lexie are dating. Sue doesn’t know exactly how she feels about her brother and best friend dating, but I’m sure she’ll come around.

To get back to Sean, he didn’t come to see Lexie, he actually wanted to tell Sue that he likes her. He didn’t get a chance to do so because Axl sent him away. Even though I’m still not on board with Sean and Sue becoming a thing, I did feel for Sean. He always gets the short end of the stick and because he’s a Donahue, he just has to suck it up. I think in the last 4 episodes of the season, the show will focus a little on Sue and Sean. Like I said, I’m not very excited about that, but like Sue about Lexie and Axl, I will come probably come around about Sean and Sue.

Meanwhile, Brick goes to Reverend Tim Tom’s Wilderness Jesus Jam to prepare for his confirmation the next weekend. He meets Blake Ferguson there, the boy that lived with the Hecks for the first month of his life because of an accidental swap at the hospital. When he tells Blake what happened, Brick realizes that Blake’s parents never told him this story. This eventually leads the Fergusons to the Heck house to demand an explanation on why Brick told Blake this story. It turns out that Brick’s time at the Fergusons made him who he is now because that’s where his appreciation for reading and classical music comes from. Frankie is afraid that Brick would’ve been happier with his other family, but Brick assures her that he doesn’t want to live with the Fergusons. They are boring and definitely not as interesting as the Hecks.

The Middle delivered another strong episode this week. Both storylines had some very nice moments. It was good to see Reverend Tim Tom back (man, I love his songs) and it was also pretty amazing that we finally got to see Blake Ferguson. This is one of the longest running storylines of the show (we first heard about this in season 2) and that the writers decided to explore this was a really great. Not only did I like the storyline, it was also awesome to see Monica Horan, as Blake’s mom, reuniting with her former Everybody Loves Raymond co-star Patricia Heaton.

The other storyline was great as well. I loved seeing Axl and Lexie together and the way they tried to keep their relationship a secret was funny. I can’t wait to see what else the show will have in store for them and how the rest of the Heck family will react to the news.

The Middle will be back this Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC! Have a great Easter!

Rating: 9/10