Scandal (S06E10) “The Decision” 100th episode

scandal - Scandal (S06E10) "The Decision" 100th episode

Scandal has reached a milestone, the 100th episode. In the beginning of the episode we see Olivia, Fitz and Jake in the White House arguing what their next move should be. After Fitz leaves the Oval, Jake says that Fitz’s life would have been worse if Olivia hadn’t rigged the election at Defiance County. Olivia has the ‘what if’ thought that she didn’t rig the election and we’re transported to an alternate reality.  As the episode progresses we soon learn it is more of a parallel universe.

Firstly, we see that Olivia has small office space with Marcus, Abby, Huck and David. Not only is the office different but the clothes Olivia wears are completely different to what we see her in the usual episodes. Not only that but she changed  her hairstyle to a natural hairdo. Olivia is at home getting ready for date, when she opens the door and to her surprise Fitz is standing there. Fitz tells Olivia that he finally divorced Mellie, which was something Fitz has always wanted to do in the earlier seasons of Scandal. Fitz proposes to Oliva and it ends in a steamy kiss. The scene cuts to Cyrus and James arguing and similar scene like this happened in 2×08. Cyrus then spots Mellie outside the church and the two of them have a chat somewhere else. Mellie talks about how she knew all along about the affair and she kisses Cyrus! Considering these two characters dislike each other but they have always wanted the same thing: The White House. Back to the wedding, we see that it is Huck escorting Olivia instead of her father which makes sense because before Olivia helped Fitz with the election, she already had a terrible relationship with Eli Pope. When Huck said he was giving Olivia away, he did not want to let go of her hand. Even in the alternate reality, Huck has the need to protect to Olivia. The wedding was a beautiful ceremony with them standing in front of a ‘Rose Garden’. In 2×08, Fitz declares Olivia the love of his life in the Rose Garden at the White House. The song that played during the wedding was the same song that was in 2×20 & 5×03, which means that Olivia and Fitz both choose love and happiness.


A year later, we see Olivia and Fitz are still the happily newly-weds. However Fitz is thinking of moving to a bigger house, whereas Oliva does not feel comfortable with the idea. At her office, David tells Olivia that she needs friends at the White House and the TV turns on and we see that Fitz is a news reporter. This scene reminds us of Sally Langston that became a news reporter after she lost the election to Fitz. So it seems that whenever a politician would lose an election, would they just become news reporters? Cyrus and Mellie are married and Cyrus still has the mindset of them getting into the White House. We see Jake in this episode for about 2 minutes because before or after the election, Olivia did not know who Jake was. Fitz talks to Jake about him being in a one-bedroom house and he feels like a boyfriend instead of a husband. At Olivia’s apartment David and Abby are helping Olivia do some work while Huck is watching a reality show. We soon see that Quinn or rather Lindsay D. is a princess on the show. Since Defiance never happened, that means that the bomb that blew up the Cytron building never happened.  At Cyrus’ home we see that Mellie set an interview with James and after Mellie leaves the room to get wedding photos. Cyrus tells James how much he wants to be with him and Mellie is upstairs being able to hear everything that was said in the conversation. Oliva and Marcus are at the White House because they have a meeting with the president. As their walking down the hallways, she sees a photo of JFK and Marcus takes a photo with her and the photo. This could mean that this is the first time Olivia is in the White House. After 4 hours of waiting for the meeting, the secretary tells them that the president has an emergency to attend and that their meeting should not have even taken place. Back at the apartment Fitz and Olivia have a heated argument about him losing the election. Olivia uses words such as “Big dog and ineffectual”, which are the same words she used in 5×09 when Olivia and Fitz had an argument and broke up.


5 months later, Olivia and Fitz are clearly unhappy in their marriage and they don’t even say good morning to each other. Back at Mellie’s marriage we see Eli Pope who still does the same dirty work and he gives Cyrus the photos of Sally Langston’s gay husband and James. At Olivia’s new office, we see that she wants to file for divorce and Abby is talking sense into Olivia’s head. Moments later Fitz and Lindsay D. (Quinn) are drinking the liquor together and we see the strangest scene in the history of Scandal. Fitz and Lindsay D. are making out and just as she’s about to give Fitz some pleasure, he pushes her away. Cyrus yells at Mellie saying that she knew he was gay the entire time but yet still went to pursue him. Cyrus tells Mellie how she’s trapped in this marriage because a second divorce would not help her politically. After this Mellie decides to visit Oliva and tells her how she has given Fitz freedom. We then see Fitz go off stage from his show and goes back the apartment. Fitz starts apologizing and asking Olivia for forgiveness and the Olitz theme song, The Light starts. In all the seasons of Scandal whenever Olivia and Fitz have their moment, this song would play. Olivia then stops thinking about the ‘What if’ and runs to Fitz saying she’s in. In for what exactly?


Even though there was lots of hype leading up to this episode, it could have been better. It felt like more of an Olitz-centric episode. But nonetheless, this has to be one of  best episodes an Olitz fan has seen. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Scandal for reaching 100 episodes.