Empire: (S03E13) “My Naked Villainy”


What’s up with Lucious? He appears to be in relapse with his non ALS. He’s intubated. The doctors are creating an ICU environment in his home. He refuses to be hospitalized. (Never let ’em see you sweat) 

Yes Lucious is down and almost completely incapacitated.  Almost, being the operative word here. When they’re alone, Anika presses and squeezes on Lucious air tubes; threatening in a very low, sinister voice, “Don’t die-cause I’ll get everything” There is no prenuptial agreement. His shaking hand pulls a gun from undercover, aiming it at her. She walks away. Later she asks Cookie to care for Bella if sum’n happens to her. Cookie agrees. Bella’s a Lyon and also her grandchild, so….but she had to ask!

Jamal is across town, working on his “crazy, mad, family love” vid; the story of Lucious & Cookie. Cookie wants to shoot the vid while Lucious is laid up. She doesn’t trust him. And so they proceed; dropping the vid on the same day as the Mayoral voting. #tacky Yet,”When Loretha met Lucious” is a hit and the toxicity of “Cooucious” is memorialized on video 

Somewhere in the news, $50M is the lawsuit against Empire & Livestream. Kennedy, (Hazel Renee) Tiana’s friend, is suing for the punch in the face @ their club home, Laviathan.  After all, this outside crew was invited to tag along, in drunken celebration, by Hakeem. Of course, she’s not after the thug who punched her; she goes after EMPIRE. They have responsibility…& $$$ to soothe the pain of the black eye and humiliation.

Giuliana, meets Nessa & promptly shares she’s up to working with them artistically &…sexually; pursuant to Andre’s claim of an open relationship with Nessa!  I recall Andre doing someone this “favor fo’a favor ” when Rhonda was alive. So “what’s love got to do with it?!” Nessa makes it clear to Andre,  she ain’t Rhonda! Nessa don’t play that!”  She may be the one to ultimately take out Ms Guiliana.  And Andre, well he’s been warned! 

Later, Giuliana introduces the Gino gangsta to Andre. He agrees to let Andre in Vegas for 25%. Shine & the “Thug Life” boys arrive, looking particularly dangerous & Gino agrees to 5%; sensing “an offer he can’t refuse”  Andre walks off arm in arm with the dangerous woman.

The family meets @ Lucious’ bedside to discuss the lawsuit. They prepare for the Kennedy deposition and other strategies. Thirsty promises to take care of it and keep an eye on the family, finances & foes.

The Kennedy deposition is brutal. Thirsty went in hard; discrediting Kennedy. and her reputation.  Hakeem seemed visibly uncomfortable, even asking him to chill. He didn’t.

Later, schooled on his “victim blaming” music, by Jamal; Hakeem (more growth) does a piece respecting Queens (women) and his daughter. “Special” ♩♩  He apologizes to Kennedy in the song and Andre’s not happy. He’s admitting guilt! They call a board meeting…@ Lucious’ bedside. Andre shares Vegas. Lucious fires him; yet could not get a 2nd (vote) Lucious is shut down and the Vegas project is approved. 

Finally the Lucious tenacity …and mendacity  continues at Laviathan and the Mayoral Campaign victory celebration. Yes, Angelo won!  Lucious, from out of his sick bed crashes & plays a Cookie song he wrote back in the day.  “You’re so beautiful” ♩♩… messy! While I was screaming,  ‘Stop!” Please make it stop!” Giuliana slides in, requesting Lucious play that song he wrote for her! Rut Roh!  But he stopped!  So thank you, Giuliana 

 Empire airs, Wednesday night, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time

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