Supernatural (S12E18) “The Memory Remains”

Sorry for the late review all, I was out of town. But I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode because a new episode won’t be re-airing until April 27th. So save the date & happy reading.


What is this episode about?

This week on Supernatural the boys have a case with a goat creature. Now I honestly thought it was a Minotaur but later on found out it was a Satyr. But really it was Moloch. He’s a god that feasts on the flesh of humans (I heard mainly children most of the time) and rewards you greatly. While the boys are on the case the Brits are on the move & have decided to snoop around the bunker. They literally bugged the whole damn place! I’m really starting to hate these guys, we have more pressing matters then you wanting to know more on the boys. Example: Lucifer’s baby!


Who is in this episode?

Dean (Squirrel)

Sam (Moose)

Ketch (Jerk of an Assassin)

The Sheriff (Animal Stuffing Pro)


What did I love about the episode?

I loved that the boys are dealing with a different god or creature. Sometimes they usually deal with the same things but I’m glad there branching out. Seeing a variety of creatures of the light & dark on the show always brings a smile to my face.

Dean cleaning his baby #2, the colt.

I laughed extremely hard at Dean’s expression to Sam’s breakfast in the diner.


What didn’t I like about this episode?

Ketch being in the bunker, Ketch snooping around like a mad dog, Ketch’s EXISTENCE, and still no Cas! The boys are worried about him.


What scene did I like the best?

The close up on certain parts of Moloch. Loved the claws & horns close up. And when he was playing hide and seek with Dean.


What is next to come?
Lucy’s baby might be close to popping out ( I honestly hope so), the boys finally locate Cas (finally!), and it seems as though other angels are involved with the search ( we won’t be able to trust any of them…AT ALL!!!!)


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