The Originals (S04E05) “I Hear You Knocking”

“But you can’t come in…” (Almost like the classic song, right? LET. ME. STOP. NOW.) We get another gem of an episode written by Kyle Arrington and produced by Chris Grismer. Guys you get a standing ovation!!! Shall we begin?

Mikael is back and there is going to be trouble. Hey now, hey now Mikael back…

If anyone can haunt Klaus it’s surely the “Vampire Killer extraordinaire” himself, Mikael his dysfunctional papa. Especially coming back and looking as “fugly as hell” too. Boy, hell did not do you good! Anyway, Mikael comes back throwing verbal daggers at Klaus out of the gate. “MERCY is for the weak, Niklaus. Better your brothers not be exposed to a coward.” (Mikael to Klaus in a HOLLOW hallucination.) Why do I feel this will get worse before it gets better, you? Nothing is better than seeing yourself with those crazy HOLLOW eyes and your dead “vampire slayer” father talking crazy stuff to you in a mirror. I have to admit, I do love Klaus fatherly instincts kicking in where Hope is concerned, asking Elijah and Hayley to take her to the Bayou. You can really see the evolution of Klaus as an Original hybrid/person and a father. There is one thing you never ever do: Threaten to go into Hope’s head or dreams! Mikael loves to play that Hope card. He tells him to kill Marcel or he will kill everyone he loves? Watcha smoking Mikael? As long as the other siblings are living THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.


 Marcel vs. HOLLOW Elijah and Klaus.

A quote from Vincent to Elijah “Everything you want to keep buried will come back to haunt you!” If that is not a sign that the Red Door aggression will be back for Elijah, I have no idea what is! BUT in the meantime, Elijah is hunting Marcel with the stealth likeness of a black leopard. Boy, Marcel can be so damn cocky too! Talking all that smack about the last time he put Elijah down. UM, NO. Your turn no fool. Elijah is slicing and dicing with words alone, we didn’t even get to the good part yet. OH BOY. “You think I am afraid of you?” – Marcel “Terrified.” – AND Elijah is talking in haikus now! SO YOU KNOW HE MEANS BUSINESS. “The Devil I’ve seen means business.” Oh shit. Elijah boo is talking Shakespeare/Hamlet. You know how that ended right? “Unrelenting tragedy.” Oh the gig is up. Marcel realizes it’s not Elijah! (Finally Marcel gets a booby prize.) Elijah’s eyes go terminator! I just realized they match the color of his suit. Ha! (It’s that electric blue) “SO YOUNG and taken before her time.” (Davina) Elijah says  “Evil spirit appears to me as the guy I hate for what?” Marcel “For what to scare me? This is all in my head. I could jut as easily wish your ass away.” (OH NO YOU DIDN’T.) Marcel meets HOLLOW Klaus. Tag team is back again…  They are both taunting him now… “You here to deliver a sacrifice; Either Klaus or you…” Klaus and Elijah taking turns “Two powerful souls fighting to the death.” Suddenly he is choking out Sofya, kill her Marcel, kill that witch!

DING, DING. DING. Ultimate Hybrid Match to the death: Klaus vs. Marcel. Outside, Freya and Elijah form a barrier to break down the door and stop them! They are tearing each other apart! Crazy ass sick fighting. I tell you. An invisible Fugly Mikael telling Klaus to kill Marcel. “Kill your son Klaus, I will find a way to control him and Hope will never be safe.” They see a plume of black smoke in a blue light. Freya throws this concoction she made at it. “LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE.” AS I get goose bumps and chills.

Don’t you love karma? I love how Elijah serves revenge as a dish best served cold!!!

“You are my brothers’ greatest weakness. And I cannot show mercy to anyone who would not show Mercy to anyone in this family. If you should stop his redemption. I will grant you another nightmare!” DAMN Elijah you ain’t playing. I’m scared. Elijah’s going Red Door on Marcel. (A hint of things to come?)

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Down by the bayou, we get some Haylijah scenes…

I really have to say I am truly enjoying Elijah and Hayley this season. The writers are showing them as a real couple, which I find truly refreshing.  When we get to hear a real conversation between them it’s reveals so much. “I do miss it out here.” Hayley.  Elijah, who is rather guarded with his inner most feelings, reveals to Hayley, “We could be happy here.” Let me say, I was taken aback, Elijah is really not holding back anymore. I see he has really taken his sister Beks advice to heart. SO, could this all be because Elijah finally opened up and told her he loved her? I am thinking it has something to do with it. “I want to build a life with you, Elijah, and Hope.  And I want us to be happy.” (I nearly fell off my couch! I’m really rooting for these two and some happiness for them.) When Elijah said “We do that okay.” I knew that he is deeply ready to commit to her.  No more worries anymore, it’s Elijah and Hayley, nothing else matters.


Grandma Mary.

Let me first off say, I was never really a fan of the wolves’ story line. Aside from Klaus and the hybrids (whom I really like and believe are the legit wolves, there should be no others!) I never bought into Mary and her family. The wolf “mystical marriage” and “saving Hope” s/l to me was all plot point. SO, why she is still around, I am left guessing… As Elijah repellent OR Haylijah repellent?

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She has the BALLS to say: “Vampires aren’t welcome, rules of the house, you are the exception.” (Meaning Hayley) – Mary (I mean are you are kidding me Mary? You forget that Elijah saved Eve? OR Rebekah and Elijah put out the fire in the werewolf camp caused by Francesca Carrera and her family? AMNESIA, I get it. Elijah, stopping Oliver and the other guy from being killed by Marcel and Klaus remember? Oh, the HYPOCRISY.) Elijah leaves them alone. Hayley gives her the business. Mary gives it back… Hayley shows Mary the picture of the serpent Hope drew. Mary has seen it before, you know why? Her husband was taken by the HOLLOW! Mary gives them this old book of her husband’s to read. Her parents (Hayley’s) were traders for vampire hunters… (More Ramblings) The hollow made Mary’s husband kill Hayley’s parents? BOMB DROPPED!


Freelin is never stopping.

I just love how blasé, Freya and Keelin are discussing everything. What ingredients are needed to kill Marcel and all? They have the dagger, need ashes of Freya’s blood, Dahlia’s magic, ashes of Lucien Castle, some of Marcel’s blood… Freya looks bummed that they accomplished their goal and now Keelin’s leaving. (Please don’t go, don’t go Keelin, Freya wants you to stay. Aye.) OR maybe our girl Keelin isn’t leaving? These two have formed a bond and a solid attachment too each other now. There is no way of turning back now, my pretties.  “I forget my Hippocratic oath. Marcel is still alive and I’m bailing on you.” Keelin say the TRUTH. You are falling in love with Freya. Just like that???? Freya finds something out BIG LEAGUE, “The HOLLOW wants Klaus and Marcel to kill each other and absorb their power.” Uh – oh.

Did you catch that? Kleya, I sure did. Ultimatums.

Klaus and Freya meet up and big sister breaks it down to little brother. She tells Klaus whatever got him has got to Marcel too. She crafted this knife to kill him… Freya gives him “said” knife. Oh boy, it’s on like hell fire now! Klaus takes the knife and leaves to kill Marcel! Just do it Klaus!!!! BUT a little while later he returns… “Freya stay back, I don’t want to hurt you. I SAID STAY BACK.” (Klaus looks in the water sees his HOLLOW EYES.) Freya is trying to purify him. It’s grown too deep. I know what it wants “For me to kill Marcel. Or Marcel to kill me.” OH BOY. Me no likey.

giphy edit i knew you were trouble when you walked in apr 16 17 - The Originals (S04E05) “I Hear You Knocking"

Did Sofya think she is that slick? We didn’t like her anyway! TWIST.

So let’s get this straight, the white oak dagger is no longer the ONLY THING THAT CAN KILL an Original? (Well thanks for telling us this now. That’s huge news to us…) I knew “She was trouble from the minute she walked in!” (Don’t quote me – that’s Tay Swift.) BUT I knew I never liked the her. Marcel must have been “blinded by the light” of Sofya’s nookie. Late night rendezvous are about the only thing you can get from her besides being betrayed and deceived!!!. When they decided to DROP THIS BOMB on us, (great move writers/TpTb), I was totally stunned! “The HOLLOW is the only thing that can kill an Original?” (FOR REAL) Y’all best be scooting out-of-town before Klaus and Elijah, the HOLLOW VERSIONS come and kill your asses. Just saying…

“I hear you knocking” Random Musings.

The lack of Hope is very much felt this week! We miss you Summer Fontana!

We already miss Kol and Beks already. Come back!!!! (There is nothing like them! Their love, loyalty, snark and witty humor.)

“I wanted Klaus dead, we had a deal. I never wanted Marcel dead. The HOLLOW has received its offering. All I want is my revenge.” Sofya (Question, y’all think this is Davina doing a body jump? How long has she wanted Klaus dead? From Season 1? Just saying … THAT WOULD BE A HUGE ASS TWIST!)

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