Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E14): “Serve & Protect”


img 5068 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E14): "Serve & Protect"“So, what’s it gonna be? Rock, paper, scissors, or guns?” is the catchphrase of one of the characters from Jake’s & Rosa’s favortie cop show, “Serve & Protect”. And the show’s title, and episode’s title, does just that.

Jake & Rosa investigate a missing laptop when an actor from their favorite cop show brings the NYPD in. Back in the Nine-Nine, Amy & Gina try to figure out why Veronica, Terry’s ex and their auditor, has been holding a grudge at Terry, while Holt & Charles try to speak to the deputy commissioner about the audit.

Before we get into the review, small opinion: It’s odd that the “main” character is in the subplot which doesn’t relate to the story arc. Anyway, since this is picking up from last week’s cliffhanger and story arc, there will be bit of spoilers.

The episode, in my opinion, while it isn’t their strongest, is still a lot of fun. In the three subplots, Charles and Holt had the most laughs, Gina, Amy, and Terry’s had the most tension, & Jake and Rosa’s, surprisingly, had the most emotion in it.

In the past, we’ve seen how close Jake and Rosa are. They trust each other a lot, they made a pact in the academy (1,000 pushups), they’re best friends. When they fight, it actually gets serious, as trust is a big part in their friendship. In their subplot, Jake gets starstruck from being on a TV set while Rosa tells him to focus. This disagreement causes them to fight.  The emotion comes from Rosa when she starts being a “gloomy Gus” and says if the precinct gets shut down, remembering Jake’s line from the last episode where he said that he might forget the Nine-Nine if he stops seeing them everyday, her and Jake will never be friends again. Jake assures her that they will always be best friends. A perfect resolution to their disagreement.

With Charles and Holt, most subplots with the pairing are often a hit and miss, but this was just too amazing. Charles plans on blackmailing the deputy comissioner and Holt actually rolls along with it, almost initiating Charles’s plan. Fortunately, they live up to “serve and protect” and would rather get separated knowing they did the right thing than keeping the Nine-Nine and comprising their beliefs. Their pairing had the episode’s funniest dialogue exchanges with some awkward eyebrow raises (“How’s your *pump* *pump* *pump* wife?”) And the conclusion to their subplot was satisfying knowing that they can’t break the law even if to save the Nine-Nine.

Amy, Gina, and Terry’s subplot was the most connected and related to the story arc. Terry doesn’t know why Veronica is still mad at him for the breakup, so Amy and Gina interogate him until they find out. I said their subplot is tension filled because it sets out the cliffhanger for the next episode. Even though they eventually find out what Terry did wrong and apologized, they were too late.

The story arc seems to be getting more serious. A bit more lowkey than S3’s Mafia story arc, but still serious nonetheless with the Nine-Nine possibly closing down for real. With around 7 or 8 more episodes left in the season, we just hope that the Nine-Nine doesn’t shut down because of a biased and corrupt auditor.