Bull: (S01E19) “Bring It On!”

It’s good to see Isaiah Washington again, in anything!  He’s cast as Master manipulator, Jules Caffrey; a rich, powerful and controlling attorney who speaks of himself in the 3rd person, ”like Donald Trump and Elmo” He’s confident. He’s 38/40 on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory and a train wreck for Bull.

Jules is accused of killing his very young and beautiful fiancée, Lauren.  She’s team Captain of the Bronx City Dancers, a professional cheer leading squad. It’s a job she acquired by sleeping with the boss…who also happens to be her fiancé, Jules.

She can’t dance!  And because she can’t dance, she flubs, apologizes and goes home to relax and shake it off.  However, before she can get one foot in a nice hot bath, her head is dunked into the water filled tub and she is killed, drowned.

Jules is then seen on The Gayle King  (herself) Show (or  maybe CBS in the Morning) proclaiming his innocence. He is the primary suspect. During the show, he boasts to having famed Tactical Analysis and Strategist, Jason Bull on his team, Jason watching the broadcast is stunned and knows nothing about it!  They meet.

Although annoyed, Bull accepts the case.  Jules still speaks of his Lauren in the present tense, he’s innocent.  Bull is convinced. Right here I wondered whatever happened to the weekly Bull questions, like “Is a hot dog a sammich?”

A.D.A, Shelly Giordano, (Annabella Sciorra) wants no deals. Caffrey is an abuser and a jilted old “Sugar Daddy” Giordano claims. Lauren is 20 years his junior and had other interest; implying she was having an affair. 25 years to life sounds good to her, no deals! And although it wasn’t talked about in this case, as far as I recall, Lauren was white. Unfortunately, race is usually added into the equation, whether spoken or not. Just saying…

Giordano is shrewd and plays dirty.  Bull wants Jules to defend himself; Pro se.  Because in the 3rd person, “Caffrey is the only person qualified and capable of defending Caffrey!”

Reasonable doubt, as in many T.A.C victories, is raised again when Benny figures to run a background check on Lauren.  She‘s a grifter, with 5 alias’! Any one of her dissatisfied marks could have killed her. 

Now here is where we’re to extend belief. First no one in law enforcement ran the victim’s prints, regardless; isn’t this a given? ( too much CSI?) More so, Jules stepping into “blind love” ready to marry for the 4th time without any idea of this woman’s history is simply unbelievable.  For such a charming, clever and successful man already paying 3 ex wives; unbelievable!   I was good, till this.  It had me thinking too much! 

The episode was saved for me; when the true killer was revealed and after Jules’ acquittal. (reasonable doubt, no doubt!)  It was my “never saw that coming” uh? and “What?! Bull’s keen observations are Sherlock worthy, no doubt!

Bull usually airs, Tuesday Nights, 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time