NCIS NOLA: (S03E21) “Krewe”

It’s the New Orleans PD vs. a band of masked freight train robbers. “Signal Red” -shots fired. Bullets are flying everywhere; officers are down. The cargo and the robbers are gone; the officers down, get up! No one is hurt. The assailants used rubber bullets! What?! #Boom #Boom #Boom #Boom!

In City Hall, Mayor Hamilton is checking for bugs in his office, home & car. He pays cash. No bills, no paper, no trace. He’s a very suspicious man. The place is declared clean, although Patton …and Pride are listening anyway!  They’ve secured a very sensitive wire tap. It’s for Clearwater info only! Anything else is off limits! He’s to listen closely and cannot leave the monitor. Pride must trust his team to solve the train robbery without…
On the way to the site, LaSalle goes to pick up Percy@ the coffee shop; just as she’s kissing a tall, dark & handsome guy, “good bye” What?! He’s stunned and turns away. He doesn’t tell Percy what he saw, yet he is obviously now “in a mood” He shoulda’ asked her! The ride to the site is awkward: I loved it! Later, LaSalle admits to Percy, he was “a little bit jealous” *swoon

The agents find a few hundred, high powered machine guns are missing! A fingerprint found at the site, leads them to a highly decorated marine, Bellacroix, a woman; ‘confirming the the stick up ”Krewe” and masked bandits are women! Love it!

Bellacroix is found dead at her home, tortured in addition to an over-kill of 13 shots, hitting every organ. The investigation leads them to Boko Harum, the Islamic Militants, who terrorize villagers and anyone in their way, in Africa. They’re in New Orleans and want the automatic weapons!!

Nadine Bancroft (Sara Lindsey) is a young socialite and the daughter of Justice Bancroft, (J Downing) the owner of the stolen guns! She’s Krewe leader and wants to take the guns to the villagers so they can defend themselves against Boko Harum. A simple plan, yes? (She didn’t ask her daddy)

Through a series of events, Pride and the crew follow Nadine as she goes to the airport for the guns. They plan to confiscate the guns, detain her and… Another simple plan, yes?

Yet Boko Harum is already there. In another shoot out, Nadine slips away. Pursued and captured by Percy, she convinces Sonja to let her run to save villagers. It looked like Percy didn’t know whether to turn a blind eye, arrest her or turn to page 8! Ultimately,  “The needs of the many are greater than the needs of a few” She let’s her go; trusting she’ll be able to save many lives! Caught on surveillance tape, Sonja is busted, a felon escaped!

Hamilton’s on a witch hunt, post wire tap. Percy is charged with perjury and contempt, she’s arrested by Nadine’s daddy…Justice Bancroft!  


NCIS New Orleans airs, Tuesday Nights, @ 10 p.m. Pacific Time