Powerless (S01E06) “Ima Friend You”

With no superhero to protect the city of Charm City, Emily tries getting Jackie to join her in self defense classes.

When word that the Crimson Fox was leaving Charm City, Emily thought that her and Jackie should take some self defense classes. But when Jackie doesn’t show up to the first class, Emily learns that she’s become an uber driver.

Emily tries to figure why Jackie is an uber driver and as they call it “Emilyed” in the way. She thought it was money and gets everyone to chip in and hand it to Jackie’s daughter’s class for their field trip to Six Flags but that wasn’t the truth and got a nasty suggestion from one of the kids. Emily so desperately tries to get Jackie to spell what she’s been doing  and after getting hit by Jack-O-Lantern’s fireball, she finally tells Emily why: she’s taking night classes.

Meanwhile, Van spotted a nice surprise in his bathroom and goes Law & Order on who pooped in his toilet. There were many memorable moments like when Van tries to get his oldest employee to confess and he tells her that she might have turder she wrote or Law & Order BM. As much as I enjoy hearing poop jokes, this was both funny and stupid at the same time.

Van pulls Teddy, Ron and Wendy and tries to get them to confess but none of them do and after trying to pull a Spartacus on Van, Van gets an email of the security video of who might have done it and it turns out that it was only a bee that Jackie had killed earlier and didn’t realize.

I thought that “I’m a Friend You” was a very good episode that played to Emily’s most frequent characteristic, trying to be close friends. I do love the chemistry between Hudgens and Kirk again in this episode. Also Tudyk was funny at times too. The writing was pretty good with memorable moments. I give this episode 7.5/10.

You can catch Powerless Thursday nights at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.