Powerless (S01E07) “Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice”

It’s a battle for the office, who’ll win in this great battle between Emily and Van?

When Emily ask Van to move from the cubical office to a real office, Van denies her. But when she get the Corp’s approval, its game on on who gets the office. Emily challenges Van to the Green Arrow archer game for the office, but before the game could begin, Jackie, Teddy, Ron and Wendy explain to her why he should win instead of her, mostly because he’ll act like a big baby.

When the game begins, Emily pretends to lose the match until Van really got to her and showed off how good she really is. But after a quick time out, Emily shows off one more time and with heavy confidence she actually misses and loses the match against Van, but instead of just losing big time, Van gave everyone new chairs, donuts and even Emily’s office as well.

Emily didn’t take losing at all and tries to come clean to Van after looking through his childhood trophies that his family has been babying him his whole life. After the truth bomb, she apologies for her actions and the two made up.

Meanwhile, Teddy builds a super crush on the newest superhero in town, Green Fury. He tries to get her attention by falling off the roof again, but gets picked up by the Olympian. Tries to use the Green Fury signal like Batman but that didn’t work at all until  he was walking with his girlfriend, Hannah and gets her purse stolen that Green Fury came and stopped the robber. Teddy makes a fool of himself to both Hannah and Fury.

“Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice” was another good episode between Emily and Van, maybe not top of the list so far but it’s there along with the others. Hudgens and Tudyk really show comedy chemistry and not to mention Danny Pudi’s character falling in love with Green Fury played by Natalie Morales, who plays the superhero very well. The writing was good, it could have been a little better but it had some memorable moments. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

You can catch Powerless Thursday nights at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.