Powerless (S01E08) “Green Furious”

When Emily goes to her first board meeting, she speaks out about her product that’s about to get the ax and gets the latest superhero to sponsor it.

In “Green Furious” Emily gets invited to her first board meeting, but when she speaks up about her product that’s about to get the ax, she tells them that she can get Green Fury to sponsor the product. The head of the board agrees after Green Fury came after Emily used the Green Call Button that she got after saving her during the cold open.

Emily thinks that having Green Fury do the commercial would help not only her but Fury as well after the newspaper headlines really attacking her over the breakup of her and The Olympian. Heck, they were even together on the front page at the latest super couple in Charm City.

Things were looking great for Emily but when filming day came, her idea took a different turn than what she wanted as the creative team thought of more sex to the screen. After telling Green Fury about it, Emily stands up soon comes up with a better commercial ad this time with The Olympian naked and covered in bubbles while washing the car. Green Fury comes and gives him the product that protects anyone from lasers and fire. It tested positive with the focus groups of females 18-49.

Also Teddy tries to get another try at asking Green Fury out. He asked everyone of their opinion of a leather jacket and even wore a sweater that said he’s a feminist and eye liner.

And not to mention, Jackie gets jealous of how her daughter and Wendy get along and even told her why she was in a fight with a kid. She got so jealous that she was going to give her kid to Wendy but she finally learned why and it was because that kid was making fun of Jackie.

I thought that this was a good episode. I thought that Hudgens and Morales were great together in this episode. The Wendy and Jackie story was pretty good, not my favorite favorite but it was good to say the least. I couldn’t get enough of Teddy and his crush on Green Fury. The writing on this was pretty good, I would say the memorable moments would be Emily/Fury and Teddy putting on eye liner and asking Fury out. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

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