The Magicians (S02E13) “Little Cakes”

The episode begins with Ember giving us a run down about the creation of Fillory from season 1 to now. Giving his own spin on things you see that yeah Ember is a huge jerk (he didn’t let Martin back into Fillory because he was uncomfortable looking at Martin after he was molested; poor Martin!). Which brings us to now where Alice and Julia are adjusting to being in one piece. They both look ready to jump out of their skin. Alice keeps trying to hurt herself so Quentin gives her a potion to make her stop. Julia is huddled on the couch after getting her shade back haunted by the things she’s done and her trauma. Luckily Eliot comes by and suggests that she help him save magic. Penny has cancer from his time in the Poison Room. Not content with dying in a hospital bed Penny and Kady decide to take a trip to a tropical location to spend his final weeks but Penny has to warn Quentin and Eliot first about the blank pages in their books. Kady runs into Julia but they’re still on no-speaking terms. Can’t really blame Kady for being upset but this is one of the rare times I’m on Julia’s side. But Penny isn’t allowed a peaceful end as the Librarians call him into work. Though he’s on probation for going into a restricted area that doesn’t excuse him from work. Go figure. Eliot returns to Fillory and turns Idri back into a human to get his son Ess to give back Eliot’s throne. The marriage is off for now… Margo and Josh are in the Fairy Realm in the palace… that looks like a mossy version of theirs and finds that Fen had already given birth to a baby girl but she won’t leave without her. Margo and Josh try to reason with the Fairy Queen who refuses to renegotiate but they all have a common foe: Ember, god of Chaos. The Fairy Queen gives them some Ember-Nip to put in little cakes to draw him out then sends Margo and Josh back to Fillory but not without exacting a toll. If anyone can rock an eye patch it’s Margo. Eliot comes up with a plan but Quentin is the only one who speaks fan boy so he goes to Umber again to try and talk him into giving them more help.


Umber is a god of Order while Ember is a god of Chaos. Still unwilling to give Quentin more assistance in Fillory, Umber takes Quentin on a tour of the world he’s been working on (which was not a request… Gods never ask) maybe gain some pointers (foreshadowing for those who read the books). Eliot and Margo make up after their falling out and go ahead with their plan to draw Ember out. They throw a party in his honor with those Fairy Cakes. Ember could never resist those cakes. He shows up to the party but despite Eliot and Margo’s pleading Ember starts destroying Fillory starting with the castle. In the world formerly known as Cuba, Umber shows Quentin his world of absolute order and symmetry. It looks like the Matrix a little… It’s clear that Order without Chaos and vice versa means a terrible world. Julia crashes Embers destruction party with the snow globe containing Umber and Quentin. Ember sees that his brother is alive and is at first elated but then realizes that Umber made a deal with Martin: Ember’s banishment for Umber’s life. Umber abandoned Ember which enrages him and he kills his brother. Julia draws out Umber’s life force into a sword. When it looks like Julia is about to die Quentin manages to get the sword and kills Ember. Umber and Ember are dead! Margo and Eliot decide to organize Fillory into some democracy while on Earth Kady goes to see an old friend. Her deaf partner in crime is reluctant to help her but Kady is desperate. She says she’ll use Penny as a mole to give her new friend information about the Librarians. Quentin goes back to visit Alice luring her out of her doldrums with bacon and sex. But when he tells her about him killing Fillory’s gods she gets upset saying that Umber and Ember have parents who will want vengeance. They don’t care about humans most of the time but when they start to cause the gods trouble they get angry. Some mystery plumber visits Fillory, Earth, and the Library and shuts off the magic plumbing! No more magic!


Two months later after the old gods had turned off magic Brakebills is still in business but uses more technological means of security and studies theoretical magic. Dean Fogg is officially blind and says that magic may one day return. Alice and Quentin seem (once again) on the outs as they can barely look at each other. Alice gets a visit from the niffin priest. It seems not ALL magic is gone (which will come up again later) but he’s not here to chat. The niffin priest warns Alice that she’s made enemies in her niffin days and one in particular The Lamprey is out for vengeance so she better watch her step. In Fillory, cut off from Earth and all their friends Margo and Eliot argue about how to best govern Fillory. Eliot wants to rally and inspire the people together but Margo wants a full dictatorship. Fen appears (without her toes as payment for the toll to travel to another realm; do you get to choose which body part you lose?) and warns Eliot that the Fairies are at the gates and want to take over Fillory. On Earth, Quentin is hanging out when Julia shows up. She quit law school because she has discovered that she can create a spark of magic. WHAT?


This whole season gets an A-! There are some parts that drag a little but overall an fantastic season and “The Magicians” will return for season 3 in 2018. That’s good because there are quite a few unanswered questions we need to address. One: why can Julia use magic? Even if it’s just a spark it means the gods don’t have a complete plug up of magic in that realm. The Fairies want to take over Fillory so is that why they wanted Eliot’s daughter? To give them a claim to the throne of Fillory? Maybe. Penny’s dying! Once again, however, Kady is deceiving Penny. When he finds out will he still be on her side? I think so but before when she was lying to him she was really lying to Brakebills. This time she’s actually using him. So I don’t know how he’ll feel about that. I definitely saw Margo and Eliot falling out again though. They gave different styles of ruling which is similar to Ember and Umber’s dynamic. Where Umber was order his brother Ember was chaos. One on their own spelled disaster but together they created a beautiful world. I feel that conflict is playing out again with Margo and Eliot. Eliot wants peace and believes in humanity but Margo believes the only way for peace to happen is to enforce it. Has she not read Hunger Games and how that played out? It may come down to a bigger fight for them. Until 2018 then!