Scandal (S06E11) “Trojan Horse”

image2 - Scandal (S06E11) "Trojan Horse"

Review: The election is finally over and Mellie Grant is the next President of the United States…

First things first: David Rosen and Ruland getting their freak on had to be the most awkward-in-a-funny-way scene. Out of all the Scandal characters David seems to be the only person getting laid. Why does David have so many water bottles in his fridge? Surprise! Jake was hiding in his kitchen, which is weird. But he’s there to tell David that his girlfriend helped kill the president-elect and framed Cyrus. We then see Olivia has put all the events on the window (something that gave the O.G gladiators a season 2 vibe) and Mellie is with her. We also learn that the villain’s name is Theodore Peus and not only that, but his organization is called Theodore Peus and Associates. Which is a parallel to OPA. Could this man have his own ‘gladiators’ or ‘black hats’? Olivia wants Mellie to cede the presidency to Cyrus and she wants to wear the White Hat in this situation. Does this mean that the ‘White Hat Olivia’ is returning,the Olivia Pope that we all fell in love with during season 1 and 2? Cyrus is finally proven innocent; this has to be a moment which we have been waiting for for such a long time. Olivia then makes her way to The White House and tells Fitz that Mellie will cede the presidency. Fitz then embraces her and tells her that she needed this. What is this? Does she need Fitz, The Oval or just a hug? Abby seems to be the only person who cares about Cyrus at this point. She set up a hotel room for him and asked The White House to issue a statement on his behalf. Lizzie Bear then comes into Mellie’s office and tells her not give up the presidency because of the complications only men could handle.  Huck is safe and the gladiators are in Liv’s bedroom. Huck is comfortable in Liv’s pink robe which had to be the funniest scene from the episode. Mellie knocks on the door and tells Olivia that they should just let the electors decide who the next president should be. (Which is not a bad idea actually.) We then see Lizzie and Abby campaigning against each other for their candidates. Olivia finally makes her way to Cyrus’ hotel room and she does not even apologize to Cyrus! She tells him that she has new suits and that he can still win this thing. Come on, Liv, where is your humanity? We see Angela is starting to act like the girlfriend who is jealous of the ex-girlfriend. Fitz is annoyed by this, just as we are. Olivia gets Frankie’s widow to tell America that Cyrus Beene should take office. Michael keeps James’ baby away from Cyrus and goes on live television to tell America that Cyrus is a liar and a cheater. This is just low, even for an ex-prostitute.


Fitz pays Cyrus a visit at the hotel room and tells him that he wants Cyrus to be president. We then see Cyrus holding a press conference and he makes one of the most beautiful speeches in the history of Scandal. Back in Mellie’s office, we find out that Lizzie has been working with Peus and Ruland this whole time.  Which is kind of not surprising, since Lizzie is actually a snake in disguise. However, Mellie is not having it and she does not give in without a fight. Ruland then hits Liz’s head with a golf club and she dies. This had to be the most unexpected death scene in Scandal. As much as Liz was annoying, she was a fun character to dislike and I saw her as the male Cyrus. Peus sees Mellie as his ‘Trojan Horse’; Mellie is his way to get power. Angela tells Fitz that she is going to arrest Olivia because of the bank account that paid Tom Larsen. When Angela called Fitz ‘boy,’ I lost it. It seems to be a normal thing to disrespect Fitz. A couple of episodes back, Abby called Fitz a child. Yet Fitz continues to be one of the most humble characters on the show. Olivia goes to Mellie’s office and sees what happened. Both of them are pretty shaken up in this scene. Out of all the characters, this has to be Mellie’s first time seeing a murder right in front of her. Jake comes in and, for him, it’s a normal day at work. He actually has sympathy for Mellie because, again, Mellie is not made to see the ugly of the Scandal world.


Olivia is back in The Oval and Fitz tells her that Angela is planning to arrest her. However, Liv thinks that this is a good idea because the electors cannot elect her because the campaign manager would get arrested. A few episodes ago, she wanted Huck to kill her father; now she wants to take the fall. Fitz tells Liv that he does not want to lose her forever and if Fitz stops Liv, he would lose her. This is a lose-lose situation and Fitz is right about Liv always being right except now that she wants to go to jail. The last few minutes of this episode had to be the best. We see Papa Pope getting arrested and my first thought was: Fitz what did you do? As electors are stating which state will vote for Mellie, she is drinking her hooch. This means that she does not care about power anymore. We see Ruland snuggle up to David and his expression is priceless! Liv runs to The White House and she is angry. She shouts at Fitz saying that if she had to choose between her father and Fitz, he would lose. Fitz was feeling so smug when Olivia sat down because he decided to forgive Rowan and keep him safe. Liv looks at Fitz lovingly and she kisses Fitz, much to his surprise.

Is Olitz back after all? Can Mellie refuse the presidency? Will Peus and Ruland kill another major character?