Thankyou and Goodbye – The Vampire Diaries

    “You already know how impossible it is for me to find the words to say goodbye.” Says Elena Gilbert; her parting message to Stefan Salvatore in the Season 6 finale airing 2 years ago. Strangely enough, this exact quote becomes all too relevant as we say goodbye to the show now, two seasons on.

Its been a wild ride for TVD fans – not to mention emotional. After almost a decade of truly EPIC vampirism, the show’s writer/producer Julie Plec has finally decided to stake it (and us!) in the heart.

When the Vampire Diaries first started, people saw the love triangle element and considered it to be just another vampire cliché. But in reality, it holds so much more substance than that. The relationships (both romantic and platonic) we saw on the show had all the aspects of true love and care. The characters on the show really were like a family – not only to each other, but also to the viewers. The sister-type love we saw through the friendship of Caroline, Bonnie and Elena was definitely something that hit us from the off. Bickering, fighting, but at the end of the day, truly loving each other like real sisters would. They always had each others best interests at heart, and together became a strong ensemble that could take on anything, as long as they stuck together. Similarly; the brotherhood shown through the Salvatore brothers. Damon and Stefan, reunited after years apart at the beginning of the show, undoubtedly had a rocky relationship at the shows start. Stefan began seemingly fearful of his destructive older brother – something Damon soon proved right throughout the first season – but as the show grew, so did their relationship. Through the ups and downs they faced, the two of them would always prove their love to one another through their fierce protective nature. Despite various arguments they may have had over a certain döppelganger, they never allowed any differences or competition to get in the way of the strong, brotherly relationship they had. They worked so well together, and we honestly couldn’t imagine one without the other; making Stefan’s noble sacrifice in the grand finale all the more heartbreaking, and devastating to watch.

Perhaps the sense of family was something that kept us strong through the years. Through all the death, destruction, and heartbreak that went on throughout the show, their friendship was our constant that kept us rooted to the shows core. An unbreakable bond that could survive anything the show threw at them – and there was a lot.

Saying goodbye to The Vampire Diaries wouldn’t be complete without a tip-of-the-hat to the romance that resides at the very heart of the show. Primarily, Elena’s relationship with the two Salvatore brothers. Whoever you found yourself rooting for over the course of the past eight seasons, both relationships affected each and every one of us. Fans shipping either Stelena or Delena (their fandom ship names) were thoroughly engrossed with the love triangle. Both relationships bought something very different to the table. Stefan and Elena gave us all the feels of a definitive first-love type of relationship. There was a sense of innocence about them, and throughout season 1 they were happy as could be. Come season 2, the difficulties faced by other threats dampened their relationship, and it seemed as if love wasn’t all it was cut out to be. Despite this, their love for each other blazed on – heartbreaking fans of the couple as they were separated. Season 3 was where the trouble really started. Elena began to wrestle with her feelings for Damon, as well as an absent Stefan. Fans of the show were torn; split in two as they begged her to make her choice between them. Elena’s relationship with Damon, which developed throughout season 4, was a very different one. Now a vampire, Elena had grown into a strong woman who had felt the grief of more loss than anyone should in a lifetime. Her and Damon were an iconic pairing, always bettering themselves and each other. Their love for each other was a fierce one – and was something they both valued over anything. Their heartbreak was our heartbreak, and all we ever wanted for them was to live a happy life, beyond the struggles of the supernatural.

The end of the show was an emotional one, and definitely came with a resolution for all the characters we’d come to adore. Nina Dobrev’s return to the show allowed for the return of not only Elena, but also Katherine. Katherine, being such an iconic character throughout the first 5 seasons, couldn’t possibly have been left out of the finale. Her final death with Stefan left us on a bittersweet note; saying goodbye to Stefan was definitely full of emotion, but after he started his Vampire story with Katherine, it made perfect sense for him to end it with her. The other characters too got an ending that wrapped up their major storylines – Bonnie finally gets a happy life after all the sacrifice she’s endured, Matt Donovan is still alive (somehow) as Sheriff, while his sister and best friend, Tyler, watch over him in the afterlife, Caroline and Alaric – along with Jeremy – have opened the Salvatore Boarding house for gifted children with the financial help of Klaus Mikaelson (a blessing to all Klaroline fans after the hiatus between them lasting several years). As for Damon and Elena, the show’s most pivotal couple got to live out the human lives they wanted. Elena finished medical school and they lived how they had planned to; together. Alongside this happy ending, Elena finally got her reunion with her parents who she had lost as a teenager, as well as her Aunt Jenna.

All round, the finale brought us a whirlwind of happy endings, which was all we really could’ve asked for. After growing with the show over the past 8 years, I’m sure I speak on behalf of all fans when I say thank you to everyone who made this show possible. Not only for our happy ending, but for the rollercoaster of emotion that was The Vampire Diaries.



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