Ash vs Evil Dead (S01E04) “Brujo”

This particular episode is a groovy trip that starts off with Special Agent Fisher fending for her life against Lyle, the Deadite proprietor of Books from Beyond. Just in time for the party, the Mystery Woman shows up and impales Lyle. It looks like Fisher has found herself a new best friend.

The Ghosbeaters have hit the road and are headed toward the home of Pablo’s uncle, the Brujo. Unfortunately, they are being tracked by something moving toward them in the woods. Meanwhile, Kelly isn’t quite herself. Feeling sick, she asks Ash to pull over. After technicolor yawning at the side of the road, the trio resume their journey.

All of a sudden, Ash’s Delta starts acting up. Apparently, the demonic forces are trying to control the auto. As Ash wrestles with his car, he happens to glance in the rearview mirror to find that they are being pursued by an evil dust cloud. He tries to out maneuver the cloud and nearly misses colliding head on with another vehicle.

In an attempt to outrun the demonic forces who keep slamming into them, Ash hits a button and nitrous immediately pumps into the engine and the car takes off like a rocket. However, even the super fuel isn’t enough to waylay evil with bad intentions. Luckily before anything else can happen, the Ghostbeaters pull into the Brujo’s driveway leaving the ill wind outside the property.

Back at Books from Beyond, the Mystery Woman tells her tale to Fisher. She holds Ash responsible for the deaths of her father, mother and her sister in the cabin thirty years ago. All of a sudden, impaled Deadite Lyle tells her that he knows who she is and before he can reveal her identity, Mystery Woman grabs a sword and cuts his head off. She then turns to Fisher and asks her if she wants to team up to hunt Ash down. The two women agree and set out on their quest.

As the Ghostbeaters are making their way toward the Brujo’s place, he already anticipated their arrival and greets them. It isn’t a very happy homecoming for Pablo and it is clear that he disappointed his uncle by running away. The awkwardness is only compounded when Ash confronts the Brujo for his treatment of Pablo. Pablo tries to smooth things over by telling his uncle that Ash is one of the Jefes who will combat the evil forces at work.

Brujo is skeptical and begins to tell Ash he is lazy, weak, as well as old and they start going back and forth with one another. Kelly is starting to feel weird and after a frightening encounter with a religious statue, she tells the guys that she will be heading to the trailer for an Advil. The Brujo recognizes that she isn’t well and tells Pablo to watch over her while he helps Ash look “inside himself. “

What happens next is the reason why this show is unique on so many different levels. First of all, Bruce Campbell’s command of his character is nonpareil. His ability to shoot off one liners with the comic timing of a seasoned pro is unmatched.

His psychedelic trip to find the answer on how to combat the Deadites is inspired. The entire time I watched it, I felt like I actually took the hallucinogenic with him. There is even an inventive bit of writing that takes us on a trip through time in Ash’s mind. The production values and direction are particularly memorable in this episode.

Does Ash find his inner Jefe? What is happening to Kelly? Will Fisher and the Mystery Woman ever find Ash?  Grab the Starz app free trial or another streaming service to enjoy this episode and more!