Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E15) “The Last Ride”


img 5071 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (S04E15) "The Last Ride"

Nothing else can describe this episode except the line: “If this is to be our last ride, then let us go out in a blaze of glory,” because that’s what this episode does.

The Nine-Nine has one more day before the hearing to decide if they should shut down or not. Fearing that they’d get closed, they start doing what they want to do before they close down.

Wow, was this episode sentimental. All of the subplots, despite being different, are all tied with one story: the closing of the Nine-Nine. And they all get emotional with the feeling that…it’s really over.

Jake and Charles, the Nine-Nine’s ultimate brotp, pulled the heartstrings. Thinking that they’re on their final case together, Jake and Charles are pulling out all the stops and want to go out in a blaze of glory. Since it’s Jake and Charles, it was so fun to watch. They were trying to do action movie cliches as much as they could, and seeing the two together is always funny. However, and unsurprisingly, they tug the heartstrings towards the end when they realize that the case is really their last ride together and cry it out in the car.

A Rosa and Terry pairing is a rare sight, but when we do see them,  it’s a treat. Terry feels down because he’s one case from breaking the Nine-Nine record for most cases solved, so Rosa tries to cheer him up. Scully and Hitchcock are also a part of this subplot, and honestly? They were a gem. It’s so funny seeing Hitchcock trying to one-up Terry. With the help of Rosa, Terry still wins, though. The friendship between those two is solid.

Since the first season, Amy has been wanting Holt to mentor her, and it turns out Holt has been mentoring her since day one!  They try to finish the mentorship before the day ends. While not the strongest story out of the three, it still is pretty funny and like Jake and Charles’s story, can tug heartstrings.

This episode was just filled with emotion throughout. You really felt like it was the end of the Nine-Nine and it was their last ride. When you realize their day is up and that was the last time they’ll ever work together, you start feeling sad with them, because, hell, you don’t want them to leave too.

But wait. Where’s Gina? Gina is having her last hurrah pranking the Nine-Nine in a livestream and ultimately and thankfully, her livestream ends up saving the Nine-Nine when she catches Holt giving a speech about Jake & Charles doing the right thing instead of a selfish thing which made her viewers want to save the Nine-Nine. This story arc has been closed, which means that they’re saving the bigger story arc for towards the end. But for now, all hail Gina Linetti, the savior of the Nine-Nine!