The Flash (S03E19) “The Once And Future Flash”

I know when it came to the long hiatus I was kind of whining about it, but after seeing this episode it definitely was worth the wait.  I would have to say this would have to be one of the best episodes yet for The Flash. And I have to say I am really digging the look for Future Flash, even with that Emo haircut he has going on. Even though Barry (Grant Gustin) didn’t get the answer he was seeking for about Savitar’s identity, at least he did get some answers and tried making the future a little less grim. And after seeing that ending of the episode I was literally sitting in my seat yelling at the TV when Savitar showed his identity to Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) “show me who you are dang it!” From what it sounds like, we might find out Savitar’s identity in next week’s episode.

In this episode: Barry (Grant Gustin) tells Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Iris (Candice Patton) he’s going to run to the future to get intel on who Savitar is. But Barry can’t do it alone; Barry requests help from Wally to open a portal and throw Barry into the future. Both speedsters run in the speed lab generating a portal. Once the portal is open, Wally throws Barry into it, thrusting him into the future– ‘February 3, 2024,’ to be precise. Once Barry gets there, he is met by two villains, Top (Ashley Rickards) and Mirror Master (Grey Damon). With a short encounter, Barry speeds away to his apartment.

Once Barry gets to the apartment, the whole place is trashed. All the photos of Iris and Joe are covered with dust and in folders. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) then comes to Barry realizing he’s not Barry from the current timeline. Barry then wants to see Star Labs. Cisco takes Barry to Star Labs, which is the only place Future Barry stays at. Barry goes to meet with his future self; whats revealed to him is a broken man older, longer emo-ish hair, and brooding. Lots and lots of brooding. Kinda reminded me of Oliver (Stephen Amell) Green Arrow’s persona a little bit.

Future Barry tells Barry there’s nothing to know about Savitar and to go back to the past and spend as much time as he can with Iris. When Barry gives up trying to find answers, he tries running back to his time period. But when it doesn’t work, Cisco explains why he can’t vibe Barry back to the past himself, revealing the cybernetic hands that Cisco now has because of the fight he had against Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker). When talking to his future self seemed to not work, Barry decides to make a visit to Julian (Tom Felton) and Killer Frost. When Barry meets Killer Frost she reveals that his friend Caitlin Snow is completely dead thanks to her working with Savitar during the time of 2017. Barry tries getting out of her who Savitar is, but she told Barry she will never tell him, but he will be surprised when he does find out.

Barry then visits Wally hoping to find answers from him, but after seeing Wally in the state he’s in, Barry sees Wally won’t be much help. Cisco tells Barry that after Savitar killed Iris, Wally went after Savitar himself, had a fight against him, and saw something that shocked him completely and then shattered Wally’s spine. Barry then goes to Joe but Joe reveals to Barry that he broke the promise to Iris to always be there for Joe no matter what. Barry goes back to his future self to know why he didn’t keep the promise and all he gets is a story about how his future self tortured himself after Iris died and reveals the date Iris is supposed to die: May 23, 2017.

Future Barry tells Barry he couldn’t keep the promise he made to Iris because she was the love of his life and to go back home and spend as much time with Iris as possible. Barry and Cisco try to rebuild Team Flash in the future by taking down Mirror Master and Top. When Barry can’t do it by himself, Future Barry enlists himself to help Barry take down the villains. After they take down the villains the news on channel 52 reveals it’s good to have The Flash back in Central City. Barry then runs back to his timeline, but before he does he makes Cisco a promise to make sure that his hands never get shattered from Killer Frost’s cold powers in his timeline. Wally is then amazed that Barry is back so soon, and everyone else is completely baffled by Barry telling them he ran to the future after Iris was dead but came back with a gift from his future self about a scientist who can help them reveal the identity of Savitar.

In the end of the episode: Killer Frost is walking through the woods barefoot to find Savitar standing before her. He tells her he wants to make it so Caitlin Snow is gone forever and all that stands is Killer Frost, but Killer Frost needs proof of Savitar’s loyalty. So Savitar reveals his identity to her, Killer Frost is completely shocked by who she sees.

Next Episode: The Flash (S03E20): “I Know Who You Are”