Supernatural (S12E19) “The Future”

The boys are back! The boys are freaking back! 🙂

Here we go! (Also, the screen shot is from Supernatural’s twitter page because well, no one took any screenshots. At all, just freaking gifs. Here’s the source of the image: )


What’s it about?

In this episode the boys are still on the hunt for Kelly. While Cas is still M.I.A with calling the boys back. (I will forever love Cas’s voicemail.) I wonder what Cas is up to…


Who was in it?

Dean  (Squirrel)

Sam  (Moose)

Cas  (Broken Angel but trying to do better)

Dagon  (Clingy Lucy Demon)

Kelly  (the whining mother)


What did I like about it?

Cas coming back to the boys.  Dean and Cas actually talking things out instead of throwing punches.  Cas’s smile while touching Kelly’s stomach. Sam coming up with a better plan to save the baby.  Cas getting a Papa Upgrade.


What didn’t I like about it?

Kelly thinking that death is the answer, but isn’t. The baby won’t let her die. Dumb girl.  The Colt’s hot death.


What scene did you like the best?

Lucifer’s screaming into Dagon’s mind. I smiled when he did it cause Dagon was suffering. I hate Dagon.


What is next to come?

From what I can tell from the preview: the Brits are back (ugh), Mamma Winchester is in trouble, and Dean & Sam are worried about Mamma Winchester but also working on a mission with the Twin Witches. I actually liked them so I’m glad that there back.