Arrow: (S05E19) “Dangerous Liaisons”

Review: After almost a MONTH, Arrow is back! You know I’m not as excited about this show as I used to be, but I can always admit it when the episode is good and this one was GOOD!

Team Arrow is still in the search of Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) who seemed to disappear. Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) then took that search into her hands by connecting with Helix. I’ve said it before that I like this hacker community, because it reminds me of Mr. Robot and I think it’s an interesting storyline. And Felicity ended up getting more screen time as an actual vigilante than just a hacker-girl.

Of course … Team Arrow didn’t like Helix’s meddling, because that also affected Argus. Apparently, Argus is illegaly holding a Helix hacker who could help Felicity find Adrian. Team Arrow helped Argus, but Felicity helped the hackers. It was really cool to see Felicity be on the dark side, on her own and against her team. Sadly, Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) also went to the dark side by holding somebody without having a case. And that bothered Diggle (David Ramsey).

There was trouble in paradise, no doubt, when both Lyla and Felicity made the decisions that Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle didn’t agree to, which means we’ll have drama in the next episode, but it’s OK. The show really pulled back on that, so we’ll just have to get through that one episode.

Meanwhile, Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez) got more screen time as well (which is great, because I really do like his character). Lance (Paul Blackthorne) meddled in his personal business by talking about Rene’s daughter and in the end he helped him see her. Then, Rene decided to fight for custody.

The episode ended by Felicity finding out where Adrian is, only to realize that his location is in their … Office? He blew the place up with Felicity and Oliver, which was actually unexpected.

And Helix blew Felicity off, because of her connection to the team Arrow. Which is a shame, actually, I do hope the hackers don’t disappear completely from the show.

There was some drama, some fighting and some cool new storylines in this episode. I wish the season was more like this, then I wouldn’t have “hated” it as much as I did. To sum it up, I really enjoyed this episode. Let’s tune in next week!