Chicago PD (S04E20): “Grasping for Salvation”

This episode of Chicago PD was interesting to watch, but honestly not that memorable. Maybe I am just stressed with personal matters, but after having finished watching the episode two hours ago, I am struggling to remember plotlines other than Hank’s persistence to bring justice to a potentially innocent person he and his team locked away for life seventeen years ago. But, as I write, it is all coming back to me, and I really did enjoy this episode. It was fairly straightforward, yet still maintained interesting twists and turns.

With that said, it did not feel as inclusive to every character and was heavily about Hank and partially Erin, because of her relationship with Hank. That girl has a radar for any sticky business Voight might be wrapping himself in.

Burgess is certainly missed by the audience, but her absence goes unquestioned in the episode. I am curious to see who will fill her position while she is away. Or, will it be left empty? Let me know what you’d rather see happen in the comments!

Overall Rating: B