Empire: (S03E14) “Love is Smoke”

When you’re in the mood and hunger the toxic, immoral & consciousness incapable of remorse, this is the place. Welcome to Empire. These are the stars of the show and any sense of right action is short-lived.

However, I trust there will come a day, when this behavior is no longer entertaining to the masses.  Until then, together let us continue to seek the gems that are not so obvious.  They’re usually worth the eye strain.  Be patient. And so, in the latest Empire episode:

Lucious is in flashback; “back in the day, when corn rows with pony tails was fashion. He wrote a song for “Guisi” (Nia Long) 15 years ago. She was his new love.  He had not felt this way in years (post Cookie) He’s playing her demo, her song, “Crazy, Crazy for You” ♩♩ Cookie enters and compliments it, not knowing it was a song for another woman. 

She’s here to talk about Angelo.  She believes he’s preparing to propose.  How does he feel about that?  WHAT?!  Right here, I knew this episode was not going to be one of my favorites.  Why does she care what he thinks?!  This set the tone for a most disturbing Cookie eppy and she does not disappoint. However, there are a few saves.

Tory’s (Rumer Willis) back…”yay” Although she’s one of the aforementioned, she can sing! ♩♩ And she does it well.  She’s a non recovered addict and a dry drunk.  ‘Not an obvious casting choice; yet bravo!

In partnership with Lucious and his undying efforts to keep discord in his family, his ”white girl, blowing thru black pipes” is asked to release her practice demo, that same night, with Hakeem and Tiana introducing it on their stream.   It’s a song commissioned by Andre for Nessa.  Greedy Lucious calls it Karmic retribution. I’m still waiting for this…retribution to stop by his heart. 

In other disappointing news; Anika is successful in wire tapping suspended FBI agent, Tariq.  Why Tariq completely trust Anika is ridiculous. Search her!  Lucious turns Tariq in to the authorities, yet gives him a large velez of cash $$$ to run. Why?! No brotherly love here, so why?!  

Tariq takes the money and runs, like a rat!   Yep. Here’s another short lived hunt for right and a waste of Morocco Omari!  I was hoping he and Anika would come up with something viable to make Lucious sweat. It didn’t happen. Well @ least this story arc is over. And for this, I give thanks! Law enforcement can only look like buffoons for so long before it’s boring. #keystonecops

And in more disappointing news;  Angelo proposes to Cookie on a live talk show. Cookie accepts the ring on camera, yet breaks Angelo’s heart backstage. She now knows she can’t do it. Angelo tells of all the shady & borderline criminal things he’s done for her in a rage; while his mic was still on! The entire studio hears this break up and probable cause for an ethics investigation.  

Mama Dubois (Phylicia Rashad) vows to take charge. As she holds her son’s face in her hands, she smiles. “They’ve messed with the wrong clan!” Well Cookie was warned not to hurt her only son!   It may be fun to watch Mama “Clapback!”♩♩♩♩

In Vegas, Charlotte Frost (Eva Longoria) head of the gaming commission is on site with Lucious. Feeling he’s “won” the Vegas deal, he kicks Andre & Company out; while Tory is singing “Crazy Love” on stage in Nessa’s spot!

Cookie walks away confused when Lucious kisses on Guisi during the playing of “her song” and… and Andre tells Shine to get the boys. He’s ready to hit Lucious!  

Empire usually airs, Wednesday Nights @ 9:00 p.m.  Pacific Time