The Originals (S04E06) “Bag of Cobras”

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Wow! This episode was all about laying down the trap and the HOLLA people to coming to get it at the party. Shall we begin?

Turning Tables: (Not the Adele Song) Klaus is showing mercy while Elijah killed mercilessly.

It’s almost as like the axis of the earth has shifted. NO, wait, should we say, “turning tables”? BAD Elijah, GOOD Klaus? This cannot be, or can it? I loved how the exact opposites of the brothers came out tonight, Elijah is back bitches and yawl better beware! Everyone thinks Klaus is always the scary one. BUT they haven’t seen Elijah in action for a very longtime.

Exhibit A. Remember this one? Agnes? Anyone? Crickets?

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“I grew up on a Viking farm, I am familiar with the scent of fertilizer.” Elijah to Dominic

On the head of a cobra: The Hayley/Freya tales.

Hayley and Freya are really amazing together in scenes, just really LOVE their sisterly chemistry. Hayley needed supernatural intervention and STAT! Freya knew she couldn’t get thru digging into her families’ past alone, so she was going to help her with her witch powers. Freya unlocked some tragic memories of Hayley’s childhood! Her parents being murdered by the HOLLA man (Dominic). This is how it all started? Later, we see our fabulous duo, in a storage locker, what do they find you ask? Well, Hayley finds her teddy bear (we think) with a cobra or HOLLA piece of jaw inside. EW! They are clearly left speechless and in shock.

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KARMA what goes around comes back around, yeah Justin Timberlake sang it too!

“What goes around comes around.” –  Klaus

“To the Victor goes the spoils.” – Klaus


As Klaus, taunted Marcel before the party of the year. Wait, TWIST coming, Sofya wants to kill the Mikaelsons with the “thorns of the HOLLA” if she doesn’t get her precious Marcel back. Let’s TWIST AGAIN: An Original can provide endless power to the HOLLA. (Knew she was T.R.O.U.B.L.E.) But wait there more to this saga!!! Um, wow we find out something new or, really is it??? Sofya is back for revenge 500 years later? Supposedly Klaus slaughtered her WHOLE family at a wedding party at her home in her village. (Oh, the pity.) She is releasing the HOLLA on the Mikaelson family to exact her revenge. Except your boy toy, Dominic was just killed by ripper Elijah, well seems is doing all dirty work.

“Perhaps he’s simply avoiding you. You should try not to be so clingy.” Klaus to Sofya (Don’t you love how Klaus knows how to throw MAD SHADE to his enemies?) It felt like Cami was there with him and she was telling Klaus this again. (Oh, the memories! You are loved and missed Cami!) Anyway, Klaus was better off saying “Um, I’m just NOT into you.” TOUCHE.

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KARMA, BOY HOW I LOVE IT… Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson are in revenge mode it’s delicious.


As we approach the end of the show, all the Mikaelsons meet up at the graveyard. Yet it is too late! The spell has begun! We find out something valuable: Ever since the link the ancestors have been destroyed, the HOLLA was released. Uh- Oh! You see a bunch of witches over a cauldron burning and chanting, it looks like they are burning the remaining pieces of the bones. This is not GOOD people, not good at all.

-Did you catch the mention of Davina’s name for the millionth time? Or was it just me, you know we will be seeing her soon. Or my name is Eva St. Claire.

-Loved the #Freelin scenes, albeit short we love them and can’t wait for more!

-“I’ve tried to avoid bloodshed. You’ve become the town executioner” – Klaus to Elijah

-I get Vincent being upset about Davina being dead. The histrionics were at a high tonight! He was preaching the WORD to Freya about killing her vs. saving her family? Um, you choose Vincent. See what you do.

-The Elijah and nightmare anvil in the beginning monologue signals 1 thing me: Red Door!

Thank you, Michelle Paradise, Michael Russo and Jesse Warn for another fantastic episode!


Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!