Scandal (S06E12) “Mercy”

Review: This episode featured all the main characters from Scandal and all the White House characters apart from Abby in one room. From all the promos and sneak peeks posted, I had the idea that this was going to the episode in which all these great minds come together and think of a plan to take down Peus and Ruland.


The first thing we see is, Olivia wearing Fitz’s navy shirt in bed and she’s awake. However Olivia seems to be thinking about the situation at hand. She then turns her head to watch Fitz peacefully sleeping by her side. The music in the background is ‘Window’ by The Album Leaf, and yes the Olitz theme song is also made by The Album Leaf. The scene cuts and we see the most beautiful breakfast with Rowan reading a newspaper. Olivia tells him that he is safe even though Rowan thinks the only way for him to be safe is if he runs. The door opens and Fitz walks in and he does not acknowledge Rowan but plants a peck on Olivia’s lips. During their interaction, Rowan looks disgusted and I got to hand it to Fitz. He was being very civil to Rowan even though this man killed his son. At this point we know that Rowan hates Fitz and Fitz hates Rowan. Rowan tells Fitz that he’s ‘thankful’ for the hospitality but he needs to go to Zanzibar or Paris. Fitz starts to act petty and says “Do I look like a travel agent”? Now Fitz has every right to be petty with his son’s killer. Even during his stay at the White House, Fitz says he is free to walk the grounds and enjoy the delicious food but the two secret service agents would be following him wherever he goes. Rowan shouts at Fitz telling him to leave, now this season has been filled with people disrespecting the most powerful man in the Scandal world. So Abby is having nightmares about the situation and she starts acting all rude to Leo. Abby even says it’s not about you and that she runs the most powerful country. Now right now, I have no sympathy for Abby’s nightmares because she got into bed with the devil. We then see that Huck is finally back at OPA, however Charlie seems to be jealous of Huck and Quinn’s relationship and I don’t blame him. We then see Jake and David standing at the place where Elizabeth North is buried. Jake thought that David should have a service to remember and pay his respects to her. Now we finally see Ruland acting as Mellie’s chief of staff and Mellie hands her a list of the cabinet she wants. However Ruland says that the cabinet is ‘Ours’, since the word ‘My’ is not in their vocabulary.  This scene shows us who would be in charge if Mellie is president. She does not make the decions, she would just smile while Ruland and Peus would be the actual presidents. Back at OPA, Huck is standing in a room saying there is a man here and even Huck can sense that Olivia should not be alone in a room with Peus. 12 episodes later…Olivia and Peus finally meet and of course he wants Jake Ballard off the ticket. This is something I’m glad about because he’s still Jake from B-613. However Olivia ‘Poped’ this man because whatever happens to Jake would affect Mellie as well. Peus just looks stunned and he tells her that he is going to be the next vice president. Even though Olivia sassed this man, she has no idea what she’s going to do. I liked this scene a lot, it brought back the fixer we love and miss. At Olivia’s apartment, she tells Jake that he needs to get off the ticket or else they will kill him. Jake starts acting all macho saying let them kill me, I can handle myself. Jake then asks Olivia why her father is at the White House, he then laughs and realizes that Fitz must have something to do with this. The scene cuts to Abby and Quinn in a parking lot. Abby tells her about the nightmares and Quinn does not seem to care instead she asks about the plan that they’re doing. At this point Quinn hates Abby, and she has every right to hate Abby. Jake is at the Lincoln memorial hosting a press conference and he resigns as the VP because he feels like he wouldn’t be serving his country in the best way. At the White House, we see Mellie and Ruland on their way to the oval office. Now as Ruland is meeting the president, she’s pretending to be this kind and innocent woman. Whereas Fitz knows the truth about her and he tells her to just stop pretending. The line that really made me think was ‘…then we won’t have to waste any time pretending you’re in charge here’, although they control Mellie, do they also have control over Fitz’s last days of presidency? We then see a bomb squad moving Mellie and Fitz to another room because there’s a drone at the White House. While this was happening Ruland kept saying she had to be with the president-elect, so she could be able to control her.


The door to the room Fitz and Mellie are being escorted opened and we see all the major White House characters. Olivia tells them that the drone belongs to them and it is being used as a diversion. Now remember they only have about 75 minutes to come with a plan. We find out that Huck is actually controlling the drone and he tells Quinn that Charlie is avoiding her because of the way Quinn was treating Huck when he was recovering. The awkwardness in this scene was amazing because they both kept starting at each other at different times. Back to the White House meeting, they were all discussing their legal options during this situation and Mellie said that Peus and Ruland could even control congressmen. At this moment I do not trust anyone on Scandal, not even the secret service. Cyrus then states that they should nominate him for the VP slot and Rowan walks in the room. The first thing he says is that he shot Frankie Vargas, now Cyrus still grieving Frankie at this point because he genuinely saw him as good. Now the Rowan and Fitz hate runs do deep during the following scene. Rowan was forcing Fitz to ask him for his help and Fitz is looking at Olivia and she nods at him to continue. Rowan even says no to help them. Mellie, this was a bad idea for you to bring up Defiance again and Marcus was the only person who knew nothing of Defiance. I got to say, this was even awkward for me to watch. Cyrus and Mellie are then in a full argument, which is something that’s not new. I actually missed them arguing and bickering, so it was a fun element for this scene. Rowan then calls everybody in this room worthless and Fitz starts getting mad saying that Olivia begged him for you not to be put in a supermax prison. Fitz even tells Rowan to start respecting Olivia, this line made me realize how grown Fitz has become. Rowan then calls Olivia a stripper…Olivia where is your voice? I could not believe that she just kept quiet and let her father disrespect her in front of her peers. Fitz was about to punch Rowan and Jake steps in and stops Fitz. Now Jake if you truly loved Olivia, you would have let Rowan have or tried to stop Rowan from saying those awful things. But the one thing about Rowan is that he tells the truth and it cuts you like a blade when he does. After Fitz goes and cools off, Rowan starts giving a monologue about mercy and everybody in the room seems like ‘Why did we get this guy here’? Rowan is basically berating Olivia here, she and everyone else are quiet. Cyrus and Rowan go down to the wine cellar and this room was built during his first term. You don’t think Fitz built it for her, since he drinks scotch and Olivia loves wine. David and Fitz are the only ones in the room and they’re having a conversation about the women they are attracted to. Fitz says that if she loves you, she can be any tornado she wants. This line is so beautiful because of all the painful things they went through together, he still loves her. Cyrus and Rowan are talking about the old times when they were in power and I’m thinking if Cyrus and Rowan were partners in crime, they could be unstoppable. As Rowan is getting more wine, Cyrus has the wine opener in his hand and he creeps behind Rowan. Only Rowan knew what Cyrus was doing and it looked like he could have killed Cyrus right there.


Jake is sitting in a room and Olivia walks in and says they need to get back to work. Jake asks Olivia why exactly is she doing this, is it for justice or for him. Now when Jake said for him, could this refer to Fitz or Rowan? He even asks Olivia when she started being with Fitz and Olivia calls him jealous, weak and pathetic. This had to be a parallel from 5×18 and Olivia does not have time to nurture his feelings during this chaos. Marcus gives Mellie a pep talk and he’s saying she should not give up. He says that Cyrus is egotistical and selfish, Marcus barely knows Mellie she can be selfish and egotistical. Cyrus has a moment when he’s looking at the Theodore Roosevelt painting and looking at this picture, what is Cyrus realizing at this point? Now everyone is back in the same room and they still haven’t come up with a plan, then Mellie walks in and says she’s naming her own VP. When she was walking, I thought she would make Olivia her VP for a second but she wanted to give it to Cyrus, who refused. Minutes ago, he wanted the VP slot and now he’s refusing it, what is Cyrus’ plan here? Quinn finally finds Charlie and she tells him how much she loves him, it was a very cute moment between these two characters. We see that Mellie is announcing her new VP and to our surprise, it’s Luna Vargas! At the bunker, Olivia meets Ruland and she tells her that she is the new CoS. Olivia suddenly became Command in a second when she said ‘You don’t take Olivia Pope, Olivia Pope takes you’.


This episode was good but I just felt like they wasted too much time trying to come up with a plan. In the new promo for 6×13, Peus is planning on bombing the United States.