The Great Indoors (S01E20) “The Heartbreaker”



Eddie (Chris Williams) is still struggling with his divorce, even though it has been six months since it happened. He can’t let go of the past and it’s taking a toll on his life, this is where Jack (Joel McHale) comes in (of course). It’s time to get Eddie back out in the thick of things instead of binge watching shows, hiding from the world like a wounded puppy.

It’s clear that Eddie has some issues to work through, and even though the first attempt at trying to approach and pick up women didn’t quite go the right way, this is a challenge that Jack is up to. He tries to recruit the team at Outdoor Limits, but it seems that they have their own distractions to deal with. It makes for another amusing episode.

Emma (Christine Ko), is ready to break up with her boyfriend of three months, Greg (Andrew Ridings). Even though Clark (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is thrilled at the fact that he can now make a move on Emma, he doesn’t want to put the close friendship he has developed with Greg in jeopardy. This is real life, and as Mason (Shaun Brown) tries to convince Clark to make himself happy for once, his mind is made up, he doesn’t want to lose anyone and will do anything to keep the balance in check.

Brooke (Sushannah Fielding) comes to the rescue when no one else seems to know how else to help Eddie. She happens to have a few available friends that would be perfect for him. This leads in to a triple date with Brooke, Paul (Andrew Leeds), Jack, Eddie and her two friends, Allie (Leena Huff) and Chloe (Erica Rankin). Let the games begin. For the first time in over four years Brooke is able to break free from her newly adopted inhibitions and enjoy the wild side she used to thrive on. This seems to disturb Paul, so he calls an early night for himself.

Meanwhile Jack has made nice with Chloe in the coat room and Eddie seems to be getting along with Allie. It all seems perfect, until Eddie’s ex (Essence Atkins) makes an appearance, it seems to rattle him, and even though he tries to get his head back in the game, there is that distraction in the room. It can’t be a proper party without some sort of drama now, can it?

Emma is ready to make the break up happen, but can’t seem to get hold of Greg. That’s because Clark has whisked him away, tempting him with a day full of fun. Emma is convinced that she is being cheated on, and races to confront Greg before he can dump her. I mean she can’t break her perfect record. That’s when they find that he has been with Clark all along, and instead of keeping both of them in his life, it looks as though he has lost them. Mason was right all along.

Just when things seemed as though they were going well for Eddie, he disappears when he get’s an emergency text (from his ex). This causes Jack and Brooke to disappear into the night in search of him, surely he wouldn’t be stupid enough to go back to his ex’s place, but that is the first place they go. As they beg to him through a closed-door, not to make this huge mistake, Brooke comes to the realization that the only reason she put her wild life behind her was because she didn’t think Paul would like it. She put her life on hold for him, and this was something they needed to sort out. She missed her old life. That’s also when Eddie’s ex came strolling up to them, not only were they yelling in to the wrong apartment, they were also wrong about Eddie. He had finally stood up for himself and told his ex off. He was empowered and ready to take his life back.

The episode closes out with a visit to Eddie’s place. Jack is proud of his friend, and for once he helped instead of hindered. Eddie was back to his old self, and it’s about time. No more lamenting and letting the past take over his present. And that magic they warned him not to use? It helped him to hook up with Allie. It was a feel good ending and a long time coming.

There are only a few episodes left in this season. They have now switched to Monday nights, so make sure to check your schedules for that.

Rating: 8/10

The Great Indoors airs on CBS , Monday, May 1st at 9:30/8:30c